b'AcknowledgmentsThe editors wish to acknowledge with gratitude the contributions to this edition of the individualcatalogers, reference librarians, and vendors of cataloging services who have offered suggestions forheadings to be added to the List.The Cataloging of Childrens Materials Committee of the American Library Association has been,as ever, an important source of advice in the editorial work on the Sears List. ALAs SubjectAnalysis Committee and its various subcommittees have also been a constant source of advice andguidance in the continuing development of the Sears List.This edition of the Sears List would not have been possible without the dedication and expertise ofthe Proprietary Publishing, Content Management, Taxonomy, and Abstracting & Indexing (A&I)teams at EBSCO. We extend special thanks to the internal Sears work group: Nicholas Houlahan,Robyn Luna, Beverly Pajer, and Gabriela Toth; to our interns Eric Bemiller, Anne Rusk, EmilyYoung, and Hannah Callahan; and to our Project Editor, Susan Miscio.Many thanks to Maria Hugger and Claire Fielder for their roles in creating this edition.The classification numbers given in this edition of Sears conform to the Abridged WebDewey, thecontinuously updated online version of the Abridged Dewey Decimal Classification, produced byOCLC. We extend special thanks to Michael Panzer, Editor-in-Chief of the Dewey DecimalClassification (DDC), and to the assistant editors of the DDC for their generous help and advice.Every edition of the Sears List represents the work of many hands, especially those of the previouseditors and assistants over the years. The contributions of the users of the List have also beeninvaluable. Every comment, suggestion, question, or request from a user represents an opportunityfor improvement and is greatly valued.B. A. BristowKendal SpiresA-15'