b'Sears List of Subject Headingsstories that are retold or adapted Biblical psychologyfrom the Bible while remaining Use: BiblePsychologyfaithful to the original. Imaginative Biblical teachingfiction in which characters and Use religious or secular topics with the subdivisionsettings are taken from the Bible is Biblical teaching, e.g. SalvationBiblicalentered under Bible fiction. teaching; FamilyBiblical teaching; etc. [to beUse For: Stories added as needed]Related Term(s): Bible fictionBibliographic controlBible. N.T. Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Bible. New Testament Dewey: 025.3Bible. New Testament Use For: Universal bibliographic controlDewey: 225 Broader Term(s): DocumentationUse For: Bible. N.T.; New Testament Narrower Term(s):CatalogingIndexingBible. O.T. Information systemsUse: Bible. Old Testament MARC formatsBible. Old Testament Bibliographic data in machine readable formDewey: 221 Use: Machine readable bibliographicUse For: Bible. O.T.; Old Testament dataNarrower Term(s):Bible. Pentateuch Bibliographic instructionBible. Old Testament. Pentateuch Dewey: 025.5Use: Bible. Pentateuch Scope Note: Use for materials on the instructionof readers in library use. MaterialsBible. Pentateuch on the education of librarians areDewey: 222 entered under Library education.Use For: Bible. Old Testament. Pentateuch; Use For: Library instruction; LibraryBible. Torah; Pentateuch; Torah orientation; Library skills; Library(Pentateuch) user orientationBroader Term(s): Bible. Old Testament Broader Term(s): Library servicesBible. Torah BibliographyUse: Bible. Pentateuch Dewey: 010Biblical archeology See Also: subjects and names of persons andUse: BibleAntiquities places with the subdivisionBibliography, e.g. Agriculture Biblical characters Bibliography; Shakespeare,Use: BibleBiography William, 1564-1616 Biblical chronology Bibliography; United States Use: BibleChronology Bibliography; etc. [to be added asneeded]Biblical cosmology Broader Term(s): DocumentationDewey: 202; 231.7; 296.3 Narrower Term(s):ArchivesUse For: BibleCosmology EditionsBroader Term(s): Cosmology IndexesRelated Term(s): Creation IndexingManuscriptsBiblical films PrintingUse: Bible films Reference booksBiblical geography Serial publicationsUse: BibleGeography Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 BibliographyBiblical plays Related Term(s): BooksUse: Bible plays CatalogingLibrary science102'