b'Big booksBibliographyBest books Narrower Term(s):Canada. Royal Commission onUse: Best books Bilingualism and BiculturalismBibliographyBilingual books Related Term(s): CanadaEnglish-FrenchUse: Bilingual books relationsMulticulturalismCanadaBibliographyEditionsUse: Editions BiculturalismUnited StatesDewey: 305.8; 306.44BibliographyFirst editionsUse: First editions Bicycle campingUse: Bicycle touringBibliographyRare booksUse: Rare books Bicycle racingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBibliographyReprint editions Dewey: 796.6Use: Reprints (Publications) Broader Term(s): CyclingBibliomania RacingUse: Book collecting Related Term(s): Bicycle touringBicyclesBibliophily Bicycle touringUse: Book collecting Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBicentennial celebrationsUnited States1976 Dewey: 796.6Use: American Revolution Use For: Backpack cycling; Bicycle camping;Bicentennial, 1776-1976 Touring, BicycleBroader Term(s): CampingBiculturalism CyclingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically TravelDewey: 305.8; 306.44 Related Term(s): Bicycle racingScope Note: Use for materials on the presence of Bicyclestwo distinct cultures within a singlecountry or region. Materials on the Bicyclescoexistence of several distinct Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyethnic, religious, or cultural groups Dewey: 629.227within one society are entered under Use For: Bicycles and bicycling; BikesPluralism (Social sciences). Broader Term(s): VehiclesMaterials on policies or programs Narrower Term(s):Minibikesthat foster the preservation of Mountain bikesvarious cultures or cultural identities Related Term(s): Bicycle racingwithin a unified society are entered Bicycle touringunder Multiculturalism. CyclingBroader Term(s): Pluralism (Social sciences) Bicycles and bicyclingRelated Term(s): Multiculturalism Use: BicyclesBiculturalismCanada CyclingDewey: 306.44; 971 BicyclingScope Note: Use for materials on the presence of Use: Cyclingthe two distinct founding cultures inCanada. Materials on the ethnic or Big bang cosmologycultural hetergeneity of Canadian Use: Big bang theorysociety, the ideal of equality andmutual respect, among ethnic or Big bang theorycultural groups, and government Dewey: 523.1policies intended to foster these Use For: Big bang cosmologygoals are entered under Broader Term(s): CosmologyMulticulturalismCanada. Big booksUse For: CanadaNational unity problem; Dewey: 372.41Canadian unity problem; Nationalunity problem (Canada)103'