b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsScope Note: Use for books produced in an this heading subdivided by theoversize format and intended for use languages, e.g. Bilingual books in shared-reading learning English-Spanish.experiences or for materials about Use For: BibliographyBilingual books;such books. BooksBilingual editionsUse For: Enlarged texts for shared reading; Broader Term(s): BooksOversize books; Oversized books Editionsfor shared reading; Shared readingbooks Bilingual booksEnglish-SpanishBroader Term(s): Childrens literature Dewey: 002; 011Reading materials Scope Note: Use as a form heading for bilingualRelated Term(s): Large print books materials in English and Spanish.Use For: Bilingual booksSpanish-EnglishBig dataDewey: 005.7 Bilingual booksSpanish-EnglishUse For: Large data sets Use: Bilingual books Related Term(s): Data mining English-SpanishData processing Bilingual educationDatabases Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBig foot Dewey: 370.117Use: Sasquatch Use For: Education, BilingualBroader Term(s): BilingualismBig game hunting Multicultural educationGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 799.2 Bilingual educationCanadaBroader Term(s): Hunting Dewey: 370.117Use For: Education, BilingualCanadaBigfoot Broader Term(s): BilingualismCanadaUse: SasquatchBilingualismBigotry Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Prejudices Dewey: 306.44; 400Toleration Broader Term(s): Language and languagesBigotry-motivated crimes Narrower Term(s):Bilingual educationUse: Hate crimes BilingualismCanadaBikes Dewey: 306.44; 400Use: Bicycles Scope Note: Use for materials on the use ofCanadas two official languages.Biking Materials on government policy,Use: Cycling language rights, etc., are enteredunder Language policyCanada.Bildungsromans Use For: Languages, OfficialCanada;Dewey: 808.3 Official languagesCanadaScope Note: Use for individual works, Broader Term(s): CanadaLanguagescollections, or materials about Narrower Term(s):Bilingual educationCanadafiction in which the theme is the Canada. Royal Commission ondevelopment of a character from Bilingualism and Biculturalismyouth to adulthood. Related Term(s): Language policyCanadaUse For: Apprenticeship novels; Coming ofage stories BilingualismUnited StatesBroader Term(s): Fiction Dewey: 306.44; 420Bilingual books Bill collectingDewey: 002; 011 Use: Collecting of accountsScope Note: Use for materials about bilingual Bill of Rights (Canada)books. As a form heading for the Use: Canada. Canadian Bill of Rightsbilingual materials themselves, use104'