b'BiofuelsBill of rights (U.S.) ProteinsUse: United States. Constitution. Steroids1st-10th amendmentsBillboards BioconversionUse: Signs and signboards Use: Biomass energyBilliards BiodiversityDewey: 794.72 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Ball games Dewey: 333.95Narrower Term(s):Pool (Game) Scope Note: Use for materials on the variety andvariability among living organismsBills and notes and the ecological complees inUse: Negotiable instruments which they occur, includingecosystem diversity, speciesBills of credit diversity, and genetic diversity.Use: Credit Use For: Biological diversification;Negotiable instruments Biological diversity; Diversity,Bills of fare BiologicalUse: Menus Broader Term(s): BiologyRelated Term(s): EcologyBinary system (Mathematics) Biodiversity conservationDewey: 513.5 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Pair system Dewey: 333.95Broader Term(s): Mathematics Use For: Biological diversity conservation;Numbers Conservation of biodiversity;Binding of books Maintenance of biodiversity;Use: Bookbinding Preservation of biodiversityBroader Term(s): Conservation of natural resourcesBinge eating behaviorUse: Bulimia BioelectricityUse: ElectrophysiologyBinge-purge behaviorUse: Bulimia BioengineeringDewey: 660.6Bio-bibliography Use For: Biological engineering;Use subjects, groups and classes of persons, names of Engineering, Biologicalplaces, and names of individual persons with the Broader Term(s): Biologysubdivision Bio-bibliography, e.g.English literature Engineering Bio-bibliography; United States Bio-bibliography; etc. [to be added as needed] BioethicsDewey: 174.2Bio-invasions Use For: Biological ethics; Biology Use: Biological invasions Ethical aspects; Biomedical ethics;Life sciences ethicsBioastronautics Broader Term(s): EthicsUse: Space medicine Narrower Term(s):Medical ethicsBiochemistry Transplantation of organs, tissues,Dewey: 572 etc.Ethical aspectsUse For: Biological chemistry; Physiological Biofeedback trainingchemistry Dewey: 152.1Broader Term(s): Biology Use For: Visceral learningChemistry Broader Term(s): Feedback (Psychology)Medicine Mind and bodyNarrower Term(s):Carbohydrates Psychology of learningClinical chemistry PsychotherapyMetabolismMolecular biology BiofuelsNucleic acids Use: Biomass energy105'