b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBroader Term(s): Naturalists BioluminescenceScientists Dewey: 572Use For: Animal light; Animal luminescence;Biology Light production in animalsDewey: 570 Broader Term(s): LuminescenceBroader Term(s): Life sciences Biomass energyScience Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNarrower Term(s):Adaptation (Biology) Dewey: 333.95Anatomy Scope Note: Use for materials on organic matterBiochemistry that can be converted to fuel and isBiodiversity therefore regarded as a potentialBioengineering energy source.Biomathematics Use For: Bioconversion; Biofuels; EnergyBiophysics conversion, Microbial; Energy,Botany Biomass; Microbial energyCells conversionCryobiology See Also: types of matter as fuels, e.g. WasteDeath products as fuel [to be added asEcologyEmbryology needed]Ethnobiology Broader Term(s): Energy resourcesExtinction (Biology) FuelFossils Related Term(s): Waste products as fuelFreshwater biology BiomathematicsGaia hypothesis Dewey: 570.1Genetics Broader Term(s): BiologyHeredity MathematicsLife (Biology)Life cycles (Biology) BiomechanicsMarine biology Use: ErgonomicsMicrobiology Human locomotionPhysiology Biomedical ethicsPopulation biologyProtoplasm Use: BioethicsRadiobiology BionicsReproduction Dewey: 003SexPhysiological aspects Scope Note: Use for materials on the science ofSpace biology technological systems that functionSymbiosis in the manner of living systems.Variation (Biology) Broader Term(s): BiophysicsZoology CyberneticsRelated Term(s): Evolution Systems engineeringBiologyEcology BiophysicsUse: Ecology Dewey: 571.4BiologyEthical aspects Use For: Biological physicsUse: Bioethics Broader Term(s): BiologyPhysicsBiologyPeriodicity Narrower Term(s):BionicsUse: Biological rhythms Molecular biologyRadiobiologyBiologySocial aspectsUse: Sociobiology BiorhythmsUse: Biological rhythmsBiology, MolecularUse: Molecular biology BiosciencesUse: Life sciences108'