b'Boarding schoolsBlockades Working classUse names of wars with the subdivision Blockades, e.g.World War, 1939-1945Blockades [to be added Blue printsas needed] Use: BlueprintsBlogs Bluegrass musicDewey: 006.7 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Web logs; Weblogs Dewey: 781.642Broader Term(s): Diaries Broader Term(s): MusicOnline journalismSocial media BlueprintsNarrower Term(s):Video blogs Dewey: 604.2; 692Use For: Blue printsBlood Broader Term(s): Mechanical drawingDewey: 573.1; 612.1Broader Term(s): Physiology Blues musicNarrower Term(s):Blood groups Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBlood pressure Dewey: 781.643; 782.421643Use For: Blues songsBloodCirculation Broader Term(s): African American musicDewey: 573.1; 612.1 Folk musicUnited StatesUse For: Circulation of the blood Popular musicRelated Term(s): Blood pressure Related Term(s): Jazz musicCardiovascular system Rhythm and blues musicBloodDiseases Blues poetryDewey: 616.1 Dewey: 811Use For: Diseases of the blood Scope Note: Use for individual works,See Also: types of blood diseases, e.g. collections, or materials aboutLeukemia [to be added as needed] African American poetry that comesBroader Term(s): Diseases from oral and musical traditions thatNarrower Term(s):Hemophilia include themes of determination toLeukemia overcome struggle or despair.BloodTransfusion Broader Term(s): American poetryAfricanAmerican authorsDewey: 615Related Term(s): Blood groups Blues songsBlood feuds Use: Blues musicUse: Vendetta Board books for childrenBlood groups Dewey: 794Dewey: 612.1 Scope Note: Use for individual works,Use For: Rh factor collections, or materials about boardBroader Term(s): Blood books for children.Related Term(s): BloodTransfusion Broader Term(s): Picture books for childrenBlood pressure Board gamesDewey: 612.1 Dewey: 794Broader Term(s): Blood Broader Term(s): GamesNarrower Term(s):Hypertension Narrower Term(s):CheckersRelated Term(s): BloodCirculation ChessBlowing the whistle Board sailingUse: Whistle blowing Use: WindsurfingBlowouts, Oil well Boarding housesUse: Oil wellsBlowouts Use: Hotels and motelsBlue collar workers Boarding schoolsUse: Labor Use: Private schools117'