b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBoards of education ShipsUse: School boardsBoards of health BodyUse: Health boards Use: Human bodyBoards of trade Body and mindUse: Chambers of commerce Use: Mind and bodyBoards of trustees Body buildingUse: Trusts and trustees Use: BodybuildingBoat building Body careUse: Boatbuilding Use: HygieneBoat racing Body heatGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Body temperatureDewey: 797.1 Body imageUse For: Regattas Dewey: 128; 155.2See Also: types of boat racing and names of Scope Note: Use for materials on the visual,specific races [to be added as mental, or memory image of onesneeded] own body or anothers body, andBroader Term(s): Boats and boating ones attitude towards that image.Racing Broader Term(s): Human bodyBoatbuilding Mind and bodyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically PersonalityDewey: 623.8 Self-perceptionUse For: Boat building; BoatsBody languageConstruction Dewey: 153.6; 302.2Broader Term(s): Naval architecture Broader Term(s): Nonverbal communicationNarrower Term(s):Yachts and yachtingRelated Term(s): Boats and boating Body piercingShipbuilding Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 391.6Boating Broader Term(s): Personal appearanceUse: Boats and boatingBody surfingBoatsConstruction Use: SurfingUse: BoatbuildingBody temperatureBoats and boating Dewey: 571.7; 612Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: AnimalsTemperature; BodyDewey: 797.1 heat; Temperature, Animal andUse For: Boating human; Temperature, BodyBroader Term(s): Water sports Broader Term(s): DiagnosisNarrower Term(s):Boat racing PhysiologyCanoes and canoeing Related Term(s): FeverCatamaransHouseboats Body weightHydrofoil boats Dewey: 613Iceboats Broader Term(s): Human bodyMarinas WeightMotorboats Narrower Term(s):ObesityRowing Weight gainSteamboats Weight lossTugboats BodybuildingYachts and yachting Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Boatbuilding Dewey: 646.7Sailing Use For: Body building; Physique118'