b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBook buying (Libraries) Book numbers, Publishers standardUse: LibrariesAcquisitions Use: Publishers standard bookBook clubs (Discussion groups) numbersGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Book platesDewey: 028 Use: BookplatesUse For: Book discussion groups Book pricesBroader Term(s): ClubsUse: BooksPricesBook collectingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Book prizesDewey: 002.075 Use: Literary prizesUse For: Bibliomania; Bibliophily; BooksBook raritiesCollectors and collecting Use: Rare booksBroader Term(s): Book selectionCollectors and collecting Book reviewingRelated Term(s): Bookplates Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBooks Dewey: 028.1; 808Book design Scope Note: Use for materials on the techniqueof reviewing books. Collections ofDewey: 686; 741.6 miscellaneous book reviews areUse For: BooksDesign; Design of books; entered under Book reviews.Design, Book Use For: Appraisal of books; Books Broader Term(s): Book industry Appraisal; Evaluation of books;Related Term(s): Printing LiteratureEvaluation; ReviewingBook discussion groups (Books)Use: Book clubs (Discussion groups) See Also: types of books with the subdivisionReviews, and topics, types ofBook fairs literature, ethnic groups, classes ofUse: BooksExhibitions persons, and names of places withBook illustration the subdivision Book reviews; forcollections of book reviews devotedUse: Illustration of books to a particular type of book orBook industries subject, e.g. Reference books Use: Book industry Reviews; SociologyBookreviews; Childrens literature Book industriesExhibitions Book reviews; etc. [to be added asUse: BooksExhibitions needed]Book industries and trade Broader Term(s): Books and readingUse: Book industry CriticismRelated Term(s): Book reviewsBook industry Book reviewsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 028.1; 808.8Dewey: 686 Scope Note: Use for collections of book reviews.Use For: Book industries; Book industries Materials on the technique ofand trade; Book trade reviewing books are entered underBroader Term(s): Industries Book reviewing.Narrower Term(s):Book design Use For: BooksReviewsBookbinding See Also: types of books with the subdivisionBooksellers and bookselling Reviews, and topics, types ofPrinting literature, ethnic groups, classes ofRelated Term(s): Publishers and publishing persons, and names of places withBook lending the subdivision Book reviews; forUse: Library circulation collections of book reviews devotedto a particular type of book orBook lists subject, e.g. Reference books Use: Best books Reviews; SociologyBook120'