b'BooksAppraisalreviews; Childrens literatureNarrower Term(s):AuditingBook reviews; etc. [to be added as CorporationsAccountingneeded] Cost accountingNarrower Term(s):Book talks Office equipment and suppliesRelated Term(s): Book reviewing Related Term(s): AccountingBook sales Bookmaking (Betting)Use: BooksPrices Use: GamblingBook selection BookmobilesDewey: 025.2 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyScope Note: Use for materials on the principles Dewey: 027.4of book selection for libraries. Lists Broader Term(s): Library extensionof recommended books and Bookplatesmaterials about recommended books Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyare entered under Best books. Dewey: 025.7; 769.5Use For: BooksSelection; Choice of Use For: Book plates; Ex librisbooks Broader Term(s): PrintsBroader Term(s): LibrariesAcquisitions Related Term(s): Book collectingLibrariesCollectiondevelopment BooksNarrower Term(s):Book collecting Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Best books Dewey: 002Book talks Narrower Term(s):AnthologiesDewey: 021.7; 028.1 Best booksUse For: Booktalking; Booktalks BestiariesBroader Term(s): Book reviews Bilingual booksLibrariesPublic relations BookbindingPublic speaking Books of hoursBraille booksBook trade ChapbooksUse: Book industry CookbooksBooksellers and bookselling Early printed booksPublishers and publishing Electronic booksIllumination of books andBook tradeExhibitions manuscriptsUse: BooksExhibitions Illustration of booksBook Week, National IncunabulaUse: National Book Week LibrettosManuscriptsBookbinding NotebooksGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Paperback booksDewey: 025.7; 095; 686.3 Rare booksUse For: Binding of books Reference booksBroader Term(s): Book industry Reprints (Publications)Books TextbooksRelated Term(s): AuthorsBookkeepers BibliographyUse: Accountants Book collectingBookkeeping LiteratureDewey: 657 PrintingSee Also: types of industries, professions, and Publishers and publishingorganizations with the subdivision BooksAnnotationsAccounting [to be added as needed] Use: MarginaliaBroader Term(s): BusinessBusiness education BooksAppraisalBusiness mathematics Use: Book reviewing121'