b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBooks and reading PricesCriticism BooksReviewsLiteratureHistory andcriticism Use: Book reviewsBooksBest sellers BooksSelectionUse: Best sellers (Books) Use: Book selectionBooksBilingual editions Books and readingUse: Bilingual books Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 028BooksCatalogs Scope Note: Use for general materials on readingUse: Booksellers catalogs for information and culture, advicePublishers catalogs to readers, and surveys of readingBooksCensorship habits.Use For: Appraisal of books; Books Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Appraisal; Choice of books;Dewey: 025.2; 323.44 Evaluation of literature; LiteratureUse For: Banned books; Index librorumEvaluation; Reading interestsprohibitorum; Prohibited books See Also: names of individuals and classes ofBroader Term(s): Censorship persons with the subdivision BooksBooksClassification and reading, e.g. BlindBooksUse: Library classification and reading [to be added asneeded]BooksCollectors and collecting Broader Term(s): CommunicationUse: Book collecting EducationBooksDesign ReadingNarrower Term(s):Best sellers (Books)Use: Book design BibleReadingBooksExhibitions BlindBooks and readingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Book reviewingDewey: 070.5074; 686.074 ChildrenBooks and readingUse For: Book artsExhibitions; Book National Book Weekfairs; Book industriesReference booksExhibitions; Book tradeTeenagersBooks and readingExhibitions; Library book fairs; Related Term(s): Reading materialsPublishers and publishingBooks and readingBest booksExhibitions Use: Best booksBroader Term(s): ExhibitionsBooksFirst editions Books and reading for childrenUse: ChildrenBooks and readingUse: First editionsBooksLarge print Books and reading for teenagersUse: TeenagersBooks and readingUse: Large print booksBooksOwners marks Books and reading for young adultsUse: TeenagersBooks and readingDewey: 097Related Term(s): Marginalia Books for childrenBooksPreservation Use: Childrens literatureUse: Library resourcesBooks for sight savingConservation and restoration Use: Large print booksBooksPrices Books for teenagersGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Young adult literatureDewey: 002.075Use For: Book prices; Book sales Books for the blindBroader Term(s): Booksellers and bookselling Use: BlindBooks and readingBraille books122'