b'Botanic gardensBooks in machine-readable form Broader Term(s): Booksellers and booksellingUse: Electronic booksBooks of hours BooktalkingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Book talksDewey: 242; 745.6 BooktalksBroader Term(s): Books Use: Book talksRelated Term(s): Illumination of books andmanuscripts Boolean algebraDewey: 511.3Books of lists Use For: Algebra, BooleanDewey: 030 Broader Term(s): Group theoryScope Note: Use as a form heading for books Set theoryconsisting of miscellaneous lists of Symbolic logicfacts, names, etc.Use For: Facts, Miscellaneous; List books; BootsLists; Miscellanea; Miscellaneous Use: Shoesfacts Border lifeSee Also: topics with the subdivision Lists, Use: Frontier and pioneer lifee.g. SportsLists [to be added asneeded] Border patrolsBooks on cassette Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: Audiobooks Dewey: 363.28Broader Term(s): PoliceBooks on tape Borders (Geography)Use: Audiobooks Use: BoundariesBooks, Sound BoringUse: Sound books Use: Drilling and boring (Earth andBooks, Split-page rocks)Use: Split-page books Drilling and boring (Metal, wood,etc.)Books, TexturedUse: Textured books Born again ChristianityUse: Regeneration (Christianity)Books, Upside-downUse: Upside-down books BorrowingUse: LoansBooksellers and booksellingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Boss ruleDewey: 070.5; 381; 658.8 Use: Political corruptionUse For: Book trade Bossa nova (Music)Broader Term(s): Book industry Dewey: 781.5Narrower Term(s):BooksPrices Broader Term(s): Dance musicBooksellers catalogs Popular musicRelated Term(s): Publishers and publishingBooksellers catalogs BossinessDewey: 017 Dewey: 155.2Scope Note: Use for retail book catalogs and Broader Term(s): Personalitybook auction catalogs and materials Boston Tea Party, 1773about such catalogs. Materials on Dewey: 973.3library catalogs in book form are Broader Term(s): United StatesHistory entered under Book catalogs. 1775-1783, RevolutionPublishers book catalogs andmaterials about such catalogs are Botanic gardensentered under Publishers catalogs. Use: Botanical gardensUse For: BooksCatalogs; Catalogs;Catalogs, Booksellers123'