b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBotanical chemistry Use For: Botanical classification; Botany Dewey: 572 Taxonomy; Classification Use For: Plant chemistry Botany; ClassificationPlants;Broader Term(s): Chemistry Plant classification; Plant taxonomy;Narrower Term(s):PlantsAnalysis PlantsClassification; SystematicBotanical classification botany; Taxonomy (Botany)Use: BotanyClassification Broader Term(s): ClassificationBotanical gardens BotanyEcologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Plant ecologyDewey: 580.73 BotanyNomenclatureUse For: Botanic gardens Dewey: 580.1See Also: names of individual botanical Scope Note: Use for systematically derived listsgardens [to be added as needed] of names or designations of plantsBroader Term(s): Gardens and for materials about such names.Parks Materials on the common orBotanical illustration vernacular names of plants areGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically entered under Popular plantDewey: 758 names.Use For: Flower painting and illustration; Use For: PlantsNames; Plants Fruit painting and illustration Nomenclature; Scientific names ofBroader Term(s): Art plants; Scientific plant namesIllustration of books Related Term(s): BotanyTerminologyRelated Term(s): Botany Popular plant namesPlants in art BotanyPathologyBotanical specimensCollection and preservation Use: Plant diseasesUse: PlantsCollection and BotanyPhysiologypreservation Use: Plant physiologyBotanists BotanyStructureGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: PlantsAnatomyDewey: 920Broader Term(s): Naturalists BotanyTaxonomyBotany Use: BotanyClassificationDewey: 580 BotanyTerminologyScope Note: Use for materials on the science of Dewey: 580.1plants. Nonscientific materials on Scope Note: Use for lists or discussions of wordsplants are entered under Plants. and expressions in the field ofUse For: Flora; Vegetable kingdom botany. Systematically derived listsBroader Term(s): Biology of names or designations of plantsScience and materials about such names areNarrower Term(s):Economic botany entered under Botany Medical botany Nomenclature. Materials on thePhotosynthesis common or vernacular names ofPlant physiology plants are entered under PopularPlantsAnatomy plant names.Related Term(s): Botanical illustration Related Term(s): BotanyNomenclatureNatural history Popular plant namesPlantsBotanyUnited StatesBotanyAnatomy Use: PlantsUnited StatesUse: PlantsAnatomyBotany of the BibleBotanyClassification Use: BibleNatural historyDewey: 580.1124'