b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBoysEducation BrainConcussionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 617.4Dewey: 371.823 Use For: Concussion, BrainBroader Term(s): Education Narrower Term(s):BrainWounds and injuriesRelated Term(s): Coeducation Related Term(s): Traumatic brain injuryBoysEmployment BrainDiseasesUse: YouthEmployment Dewey: 616.8BoysSocieties Broader Term(s): DiseasesNarrower Term(s):Alzheimers diseaseUse: Boys clubs AphasiaBoys clubs Cerebral palsyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically DementiaDewey: 369.42 Parkinsons diseaseUse For: BoysSocieties StrokeBroader Term(s): Clubs BrainWounds and injuriesSocieties Dewey: 617.4Narrower Term(s):4-H clubs Broader Term(s): BrainConcussionBoy Scouts Narrower Term(s):Traumatic brain injuryBoys towns Brain damaged childrenUse: ChildrenInstitutional care Dewey: 618.92Boys, Teenage Broader Term(s): Children with disabilitiesUse: Teenage boys Exceptional childrenBrachiosaurus Brain deathDewey: 567.913 Dewey: 616.07Broader Term(s): Dinosaurs Use For: Irreversible comaBroader Term(s): DeathBrahmanism Brain stormingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 294.5 Use: Group problem solvingBroader Term(s): Religions Brain-computer interfacesRelated Term(s): Hinduism Dewey: 005.3Braids (Hairstyling) Use For: BCIs (Brain-computer interfaces);Dewey: 646.7 Computer-brain interfacesBroader Term(s): Hair Broader Term(s): Computer interfacesBraille BrainwashingDewey: 411 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Writing Dewey: 153.8Scope Note: Use for materials on the forcibleBraille books indoctrination of an individual orGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically group in order to alter basicDewey: 011.63; 411 political, social, religious, or moralUse For: Books for the blind beliefs.Broader Term(s): Books Use For: Deprogramming; ForcedRelated Term(s): BlindBooks and reading indoctrination; Indoctrination,Forced; Mind control; ThoughtBrain control; WillDewey: 573.8; 611; 612.8 Broader Term(s): Behavior modificationBroader Term(s): Head Mental suggestionNervous system Psychological warfareNarrower Term(s):Memory Psychology of learningMind and bodyPhrenology BrakesPsychology Dewey: 625.2; 629.2126'