b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSee Also: types of animals with the Dewey: 624.2; 725subdivision Breeding [to be added Scope Note: This heading may be subdivided byas needed] the names of rivers, lakes, canals,Broader Term(s): Reproduction etc. as well as by countries, states,Narrower Term(s):DogsBreeding cities, etc.Heredity Use For: ViaductsHorsesBreeding See Also: types of bridges and names ofLivestock breeding individual bridges, e.g. GoldenMendels law Gate Bridge (San Francisco,Plant breeding Calif.) [to be added as needed]Related Term(s): Genetics Broader Term(s): Civil engineeringBreeding behavior TransportationUse: Sexual behavior in animals Narrower Term(s):Golden Gate Bridge (SanFrancisco, Calif.)Breweries BridgesCanadaGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 624; 725Dewey: 663 Scope Note: The heading Bridges may beBroader Term(s): Factories subdivided by the names of rivers,Narrower Term(s):Microbreweries lakes, canals, etc., e.g. Bridges Related Term(s): Brewing Saint Lawrence River, as well asBrewing by provinces, cities, etc.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically See Also: names of individual bridges [to beDewey: 641.8; 663 added as needed]Use For: Beer making Narrower Term(s):Confederation Bridge (N.B. andNarrower Term(s):Home brewing P.E.I.)Related Term(s): Beer BridgesChicago (Ill.)Breweries Dewey: 624.209773Liquors Use For: Chicago (Ill.)BridgesBriar Rose (Tale) BridgesHudson River (N.Y. and N.J.)Use: Sleeping Beauty (Tale) Dewey: 624.20973Bricklaying Use For: Hudson River (N.Y. and N.J.) Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically BridgesDewey: 693 BridgesSaint Lawrence RiverBroader Term(s): Building Dewey: 624Related Term(s): Bricks Use For: Saint Lawrence RiverBridgesMasonryBricks BridgesVancouver (B.C.)Dewey: 666; 691 Dewey: 624Broader Term(s): Building materials Use For: Vancouver (B.C.)BridgesRelated Term(s): Bricklaying BrigandsBridal customs Use: ThievesUse: Marriage customs and rites Bright childrenBridal showers Use: Gifted childrenUse: Showers (Parties) Britain, Battle of, 1940Bridge (Game) Dewey: 940.54Dewey: 795.41 Broader Term(s): BattlesUse For: Auction bridge; Contract bridge; World War, 1939-1945 Duplicate bridge CampaignsBroader Term(s): Card games British ColumbiaHistoryBridges Dewey: 971.1Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Scope Note: May be subdivided like Manitobaexcept for History.128'