b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsBrothers Materials on business budgets areDewey: 306.875 entered under Business budgets.Broader Term(s): Men Materials on household budgets areSiblings entered under Household budgets.Brothers and sisters Materials on personal budgets areUse: Siblings entered under Personal finance.Use For: Government budgetsBrownies (Girl Scouts) See Also: names of countries and names ofUse: Girl Scouts individual government departments,Brownouts agencies, etc., with the subdivisionUse: Electric power failures Appropriations and expenditures,e.g. United States Brutality Appropriations and expendituresUse: Cruelty [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Public financeBubblesDewey: 530.4 BudgetCanadaBroader Term(s): Air Dewey: 352.4Gases Use For: CanadaBudget; Federal budget CanadaBubonic plague Narrower Term(s):CanadaAppropriations andUse: Plague expendituresBuccaneers BudgetCanadaProvincesUse: Pirates Dewey: 352.4Buchenwald (Germany: Concentration camp) Scope Note: Use for materials on the budgets ofDewey: 365; 943 four or more provinces. Materials onBroader Term(s): Concentration camps three or fewer provinces are enteredunder Budget subdivided directlyBucolic poetry by the name of the individualUse: Pastoral poetry province, e.g. BudgetManitoba.Use For: CanadaProvincial appropriationsBuddhism and expenditures; Canada Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Provincial budgets; ProvincialDewey: 294.3 budgetsBroader Term(s): Religions Narrower Term(s):BudgetManitobaNarrower Term(s):Zen BuddhismBudgetManitobaBuddhismPrayers Dewey: 352.4Dewey: 294.3 Use For: ManitobaBudgetUse For: Buddhist prayers Broader Term(s): BudgetCanadaProvincesBroader Term(s): PrayersBudgetUnited StatesBuddhist art Dewey: 352.4Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use For: Federal budget; United States Dewey: 294.3; 704.9 BudgetUse For: Art, Buddhist Narrower Term(s):United StatesAppropriationsBroader Term(s): Art and expendituresNarrower Term(s):MandalaBudgets, BusinessBuddhist prayers Use: Business budgetsUse: BuddhismPrayersBudgets, HouseholdBudget Use: Household budgetsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 352.4 Budgets, PersonalScope Note: Use for materials on government Use: Personal financebudgets or reports on governmental Buffalo, Americanappropriations and expenditures. Use: Bison130'