b'Burial statisticsBulbs Broader Term(s): Political scienceDewey: 584; 635.9 Public administrationBroader Term(s): Flower gardening Related Term(s): Civil servicePlants Organizational sociologyBulge, Battle of the Burglar alarmsUse: Ardennes (France), Battle of the, Dewey: 621.3891944-1945 Broader Term(s): Burglary protectionBulimia Electric apparatus and appliancesDewey: 616.85 BurglarsUse For: Binge eating behavior; Binge-purge Use: Thievesbehavior; Gorge-purge syndromeBroader Term(s): Eating disorders Burglary protectionSyndromes Dewey: 621.389; 643Bulletin boards Use For: Building security; Buildings Dewey: 371.33 Security; Protection againstBroader Term(s): TeachingAids and devices burglary; Residential securitySee Also: types of protective devices, e.g.Bullfights Burglar alarms; and types ofGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically buildings with the subdivisionDewey: 791.8 Security measures, e.g. NuclearUse For: Fighting power plantsSecurityBroader Term(s): Sports measures [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Crime preventionBullies Narrower Term(s):Burglar alarmsDewey: 155.4; 302.3 Locks and keysUse For: Bullying; BullyismBroader Term(s): Aggressiveness (Psychology) BurialNarrower Term(s):Cyberbullying Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 363.7; 393Bullion Use For: Burial customs; Burying grounds;Use: Precious metals Graves; IntermentBullying See Also: names of individual persons andUse: Bullies groups of notable persons with thesubdivision Death and burial, e.g.Bullyism PresidentsUnited States Use: Bullies Death and burial [to be added asneeded]Bunker Hill (Boston, Mass.), Battle of, 1775 Broader Term(s): ArcheologyDewey: 973.3 Public healthBroader Term(s): Battles Narrower Term(s):CatacombsUnited StatesHistoryCemeteries1775-1783, RevolutionCryonicsCampaigns DeadBunnies Mounds and mound buildersUse: Rabbits MummiesPremature burialBunny rabbits TombsUse: Rabbits Related Term(s): CremationDeathBunyan, Paul (Legendary character) Funeral rites and ceremoniesDewey: 398.22Use For: Paul Bunyan (Legendary character) Burial customsBroader Term(s): FolkloreUnited States Use: BurialBureaucracy Burial statisticsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: MortalityDewey: 302.3 Registers of births, etc.133'