b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsSee Also: names of individual provinces, Canada. Royal Canadian Navyterritories, or regions of Canada [to CanadaArmed forcesFacilitiesbe added as needed]Narrower Term(s):Atlantic Provinces Use: Military basesCanadaCanadian Arctic CanadaArmed forcesMilitary lifeCentral Canada Dewey: 355.10971Eastern Canada Broader Term(s): Military personnelCanadaMaritime ProvincesPrairie Provinces CanadaArt museumsWest (Canada) Use: Art museumsCanadaRelated Term(s): CanadiansCanadaAssociationsCanadaAlternative press Use: AssociationsCanadaUse: Alternative pressCanadaCanadaBibliographyCanadaAmerican foreign opinion Dewey: 15.71; 16.971Use: CanadaForeign opinion United States CanadaBio-bibliographyDewey: 012CanadaAnnexation to the United StatesDewey: 327.71073 CanadaBiographyUse For: Annexation movement (Canada) Dewey: 920.071Broader Term(s): CanadaForeign relationsScope Note: Use for collective biographies ofUnited States Canadians not associated with anyparticular subject field, area ofCanadaAntiquities activity, etc. Biographies of thoseDewey: 971 associated with a particular subjectNarrower Term(s):First NationsAntiquities field, etc., are entered under theRelated Term(s): ArcheologyCanada appropriate topical heading with theCanadaAppropriations and expenditures subdivision Biography, e.g.Canadian authorsBiography;Dewey: 352.4 CanadaHistory1945-1963Broader Term(s): BudgetCanadaBiography; Vancouver (B.C.)Narrower Term(s):Transfer paymentsCanadaBiography; etc.CanadaArcheology Use For: Canadian biographyUse: ArcheologyCanada CanadaBiographyDictionariesCanadaArchives Dewey: 920.071Use: ArchivesCanada CanadaBiographyPortraitsCanadaArmed forces Dewey: 920.071Dewey: 355.00971 Use For: CanadaHistoryPortraitsScope Note: Use for general materials on all CanadaBlacksbranches of the Canadian military Use: BlacksCanadaservices both prior to and followingunification on February 1, 1968. CanadaBoundariesMaterials on the Candian Armed Dewey: 971Forces, the body that came into Narrower Term(s):Arctic sovereigntyCanadabeing with the 1968 unification, are CanadaTerritorial expansionentered under Canada. Canadian Related Term(s): Provincial boundariesArmed Forces. Materials on aparticular branch before unification CanadaBudgetare entered under the corporate Use: BudgetCanadaheading for its name at the time, e.g. CanadaCampaign fundsCanada. Canadian Army. Use: Campaign fundsCanadaNarrower Term(s):Canada. Canadian Armed ForcesCanada. Canadian Army CanadaCensusCanada. Royal Canadian Air Dewey: 317.1; 352.7Force Scope Note: May be subdivided by date.142'