b'CanadaCrown corporationsUse For: CensusCanada Narrower Term(s):CanadaCivilization CanadaCentennial celebrations, etc. American influencesDewey: 971 CanadaClimateUse For: CanadaHistory1867, Dewey: 551.6971ConfederationCentennial Use For: ClimateCanadacelebrations, etc.; Canadian CanadaCommerceCentennial; Centennial celebrations Canada1967 Dewey: 380.1; 382.0971See Also: names of centennial events, e.g. Scope Note: Use for materials on CanadianExpo 67 (Montreal, Quebec); also domestic commerce and Canadiannames of places, historic events, or commerce with foreign countries orinstitutions, with the subdivision regions in general. Mateirals onCentennial celebrations, etc., e.g. Candas commerce with a specificVancouver (B.C.)Centennial foreign region or country are enteredcelebrations, etc. [to be added as under CanadaCommerceneeded] subdivided by place, e.g. CanadaNarrower Term(s):Expo 67 (Montreal, Quebec)CommerceUnited States; tobe added as needed. MaterialsCanadaChurch and state limited to commerce betweenUse: Church and stateCanada provinces are entered underCanadaChurch history Interprovincial commerce.Narrower Term(s):Interprovincial commerceDewey: 277.1Use For: CanadaReligious history; CanadaCommerceUnited StatesChurch historyCanada Dewey: 382Narrower Term(s):Clergy reserves (Canada)Related Term(s): CanadaReligion CanadaCommercial policyUse: Commercial policyCanadaCanadaCities and townsUse: Cities and townsCanada CanadaCommunity developmentUse: Community development CanadaCivil defense CanadaUse: Civil defenseCanadaCanadaConstitutionCanadaCivil service Use: ConstitutionsCanadaUse: Civil serviceCanadaCanadaConstitutionAmendmentsCanadaCivilization Use: Constitutional amendments Dewey: 971 CanadaUse For: Canadian civilization; Civilization,Canadian CanadaConstitutional historyNarrower Term(s):Canadiana Use: Constitutional historyCanadaPopular cultureCanada CanadaConstitutional lawCanadaCivilizationAmerican influences Use: Constitutional lawCanadaDewey: 971 CanadaConstitutional law AmendmentsUse For: American influences on Canada Use: Constitutional amendments Broader Term(s): CanadaCivilizationForeign CanadainfluencesCanadaCivilizationForeign influences CanadaConstitutionsUse: ConstitutionsCanadaDewey: 971Use For: Foreign influences on Canada CanadaCourtsSee Also: CanadaCivilization subdivided Use: CourtsCanadaby specific national influences, e.g.CanadaCivilizationCanadaCrown corporationsAmerican influences [to be added Use: Government corporations as needed] Canada143'