b'CanadaGazetteersCanadaExploring expeditions Use For: CanadaForeign public opinion;Dewey: 910.971; 971 Foreign opinion of CanadaScope Note: Use for materials on exploringexpeditions sponsored by Canada. CanadaForeign opinionUnited StatesMaterials on the early exploration of Dewey: 303.3; 971a particular place are entered under Scope Note: Use for materials on Americanthe name of the place with the public opinion about Canada.subdivision Exploration, e.g. Arctic Use For: American opinion of Canada;regionsExploration. CanadaAmerican foreignUse For: Canadian exploring expeditions opinionSee Also: names of expeditions, e.g.Canadian Arctic Expedition CanadaForeign policy(1913-1918) [to be added as needed] Use: CanadaForeign relationsNarrower Term(s):Canadian Arctic Expedition CanadaForeign population(1913-1918) Use: ImmigrantsCanadaCanadaFederal aid NoncitizensCanadaUse: Federal aidCanada CanadaForeign public opinionCanadaFederal government Use: CanadaForeign opinionUse: FederalismCanada CanadaForeign relationsCanadaFederalism Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: FederalismCanada Dewey: 327.71Scope Note: When further subdividingCanadaFiscal policy geographically, provide anUse: Fiscal policyCanada additional subject entry with the twoCanadaForeign economic relations places in reversed positions, e.g.CanadaForeign relations Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically United States and also UnitedDewey: 337.71 StatesForeign relations Scope Note: When further subdividing Canada.geographically, provide an Use For: CanadaForeign policyadditional subject entry with the two Narrower Term(s):CanadaForeign economicplaces in reversed positions, e.g. relationsCanadaForeign economic CanadaTerritorial expansionrelationsUnited States and also Related Term(s): NeutralityCanadaUnited StatesForeigneconomic relationsCanada. CanadaForeign relationsTreatiesUse For: Foreign economic relationsDewey: 327.71; 341.3Canada Use For: CanadaTreaties; Treaties Broader Term(s): CanadaForeign relations CanadaNarrower Term(s):Free tradeCanada See Also: names of treaties, e.g. Treaty ofCanadaForeign economic relationsUnited Paris (1763) [to be added asneeded]States Narrower Term(s):Treaty of Paris (1763)Dewey: 337.71073Use For: American-Canadian relations; CanadaForeign relationsUnited StatesCanadian-American relations Dewey: 327.71073Use For: American-Canadian relations;CanadaForeign opinion Canadian-American relationsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Narrower Term(s):CanadaAnnexation to theDewey: 303.3; 971 United StatesScope Note: Use for materials on foreign publicopinion about Canada. May be CanadaFrench-English relationsfurther subdivided by the country Use: CanadaEnglish-Frenchholding the opinion, e.g. CanadarelationsForeign opinionUnited States. CanadaGazetteersDewey: 917.1003145'