b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsCanadaGeographic names CanadaGovernmental investigationsUse: Geographic namesCanada Use: Governmental investigations CanadaGeography CanadaDewey: 917.1 CanadaGovernorsCanadaGhost towns Use: GovernorsCanadaUse: Ghost townsCanada CanadaGovernors generalCanadaGold discoveries Use: Governors generalCanadaDewey: 971.1 CanadaGrants-in-aidUse For: CanadaGold rushes; Gold Use: Grants-in-aidCanadadiscoveriesCanada; Gold rushes CanadaGuidebooks CanadaSee Also: headings for specific gold rushes, Dewey: 917.104e.g. Klondike River valley Scope Note: Use for general handbooks for(Yukon)Gold discoveries [to be travellers or sightseers in Canada,added as needed] containing information about routes,Narrower Term(s):Cariboo (B.C. : Regional district) facilities, accommodations, points of Gold discoveries interest, etc. Handbooks forFraser River Valley (B.C.)travellers or sightseers in specificGold discoveries places in Canada and entered underRelated Term(s): Gold mines and miningthe name of the province, region, orCanada city with the subdivisionKlondike River valley (Yukon)Guidebooks, e.g. Vancouver (B.C.)Gold discoveriesGuidebooks.Use For: CanadaDescription and travel CanadaGold rushes Guidebooks; CanadaTravelUse: CanadaGold discoveries guides; GuidebooksCanada;CanadaGoods and services tax Travel guidesCanadaSee Also: headings for geographic features,Use: Goods and services taxCanada natural areas, parks, etc.; buildingsCanadaGovernment or structures; or activities with theUse: CanadaPolitics and subdivision Guidebooks [to begovernment added as needed]CanadaGovernment buildings CanadaHeads of stateUse: Public buildingsCanada Use: Governors generalCanadaCanadaGovernment corporations CanadaHealth insuranceUse: Government corporationsUse: Health insuranceCanadaCanada CanadaHistoric buildingsCanadaGovernment employees Use: Historic buildingsCanadaUse: CanadaOfficials and CanadaHistoric sitesemployees Use: Historic sitesCanadaCanadaGovernment lending CanadaHistorical geographyUse: Government lendingCanada Dewey: 911CanadaGovernment libraries CanadaHistorical geographyMapsUse: Government librariesCanada Dewey: 911CanadaGovernment publications Broader Term(s): CanadaMapsUse: Government publicationsCanadaHistoriographyCanada Dewey: 971.07CanadaGovernment purchasing Use For: CanadaHistory Use: Government purchasingHistoriographyCanada146'