b'CanadaHistory1867-CanadaHistory CanadaHistory1763-1867Dewey: 971 Dewey: 971.02Scope Note: The topical subdivisions under Use For: Eastern CanadaHistory United StatesHistory may be 1763-1867used, when appropriate, under this CanadaHistory1775-1783heading.Use For: Canadian history Dewey: 971.02Narrower Term(s):Canadiana CanadaHistory1791-1841Constitutional historyCanada Dewey: 971.03CanadaHistory0-1763 (New France) Narrower Term(s):Clergy reserves (Canada)Dewey: 971.01 CanadaHistory1800-1899 (19th century)Scope Note: Use for materials on Canadian Use: CanadaHistory19thhistory from the earliest permanent centurysettlements up to the end of theFrench regime in 1763. Materials on CanadaHistory1812-1815, War of 1812the period of discovery are entered Use: War of 1812under CanadaExploration. CanadaHistory1837-1838, RebellionUse For: New FranceNarrower Term(s):Intendants Dewey: 971.03Seigniorial tenure Use For: CanadaHistoryRebellion,Treaty of Paris (1763) 1837-1838; Mackenzie Rebellion,1837-1838; OntarioHistory CanadaHistory1755-1763 1837-1838, Rebellion; PapineauDewey: 971.01 Rebellion, 1837-1838; Patriot War,1837-1842; Quebec (Province) CanadaHistory1755-1763, French and Indian History1837-1838, Rebellion;War Rebellion of 1837-1838 (Canada)Use: CanadaHistory1755-1763,Seven Years War CanadaHistory1841-1867Dewey: 971.04CanadaHistory1755-1763, Seven Years War Narrower Term(s):Canada. Union Act (1841)Dewey: 971.01 Charlottetown Conference (1864)Scope Note: Use for comprehensive materials on Quebec Conference (1864)the war in both Canada and theUnited States and for materials CanadaHistory1866-1870, Fenian invasionslimited to events that occurred in Dewey: 971.04Canada. Materials limited to events Use For: CanadaHistoryFenianthat occurred in the United States Invasions, 1866-1870; Fenianare entered under United StatesInvasions, 1866-1870History1755-1763, French and CanadaHistory1867, ConfederationIndian War. Dewey: 971.05Use For: CanadaHistory1755-1763, Use For: CanadaHistory French and Indian War; CanadaConfederation, 1867; ConfederationHistorySeven Years War, of Canada1755-1763; French and Indian War Narrower Term(s):Canada. Constitution Act, 1867 Canada; Seven Years WarCharlottetown Conference (1864)Canada Fathers of ConfederationNarrower Term(s):AcadiansExpulsion, 1755 Quebec Conference (1864)Plains of Abraham (Quebec,Quebec), Battle of the, 1759 CanadaHistory1867, Confederation Related Term(s): United StatesHistoryCentennial celebrations, etc.1755-1763, French and Indian Use: CanadaCentennialWar celebrations, etc.CanadaHistory1763-1791 CanadaHistory1867-Dewey: 971.02 Dewey: 971.05Narrower Term(s):Quebec (Province). Quebec ActUnited Empire loyalists147'