b'Canada DayCanadaPublic works CanadaSoldiersUse: Public worksCanada Use: SoldiersCanadaCanadaRace relations CanadaStatisticsDewey: 305.800971 Dewey: 317.1CanadaRadicalism CanadaStudy and teachingUse: RadicalismCanada Use: Canadian studiesCanadaRegional disparity CanadaTariffUse: RegionalismCanada Use: TariffCanadaCanadaRegisters CanadaTaxationDewey: 917.10025 Use: TaxationCanadaScope Note: Use for lists of names without CanadaTerm limits (Public office)addresses. Lists of names thatinclude addresses are entered under Use: Term limits (Public office) CanadaDirectories. CanadaRelated Term(s): CanadaDirectories CanadaTerritorial expansionCanadaReligion Dewey: 971Dewey: 200.971; 277.1 Broader Term(s): CanadaBoundariesRelated Term(s): CanadaChurch history CanadaForeign relationsCanadaReligious history CanadaTerritorial watersUse: CanadaChurch history Use: Territorial watersCanadaCanadaRevenue sharing CanadaTravelUse: Revenue sharingCanada Use: CanadaDescription and travelCanadaRoyal commissions CanadaTravel guidesUse: Governmental investigationsUse: CanadaGuidebooksCanada CanadaTreatiesCanadaRoyal visits Use: CanadaForeign relations Use: Visits of stateCanada TreatiesCanadaRural conditions CanadaVisits of stateDewey: 307.720971 Use: Visits of stateCanadaCanadaSecret service CanadaWarsUse: Secret ServiceCanada Use names of wars, rebellions, etc., e.g. World War,1914-1918CanadaWorld War, 1914-1918 CanadaSeparation of powers Canada [to be added as needed]Use: Separation of powersCanadaCanadaWildlifeCanadaSocial conditions Use: WildlifeCanadaDewey: 971CanadaWorld War, 1914-1918CanadaSocial conditionsHistory Use: World War, 1914-1918CanadaDewey: 971CanadaWorld War, 1939-1945CanadaSocial life and customs Use: World War, 1939-1945CanadaDewey: 971Canada Act 1982CanadaSocial life and customsHistory Use: Canada. Canada Act 1982Dewey: 971Canada Cup (Hockey)CanadaSocial medicine Dewey: 796.962Use: Social medicineCanada Broader Term(s): HockeyCanadaCanadaSocial policy Canada DayUse: Social policyCanada Dewey: 394.263151'