b'Determining the Subject of the Workexample, would be assigned the headings Snakes and Lizards. If the work also included materialon turtles, a third heading Turtles would be added. But if the work discussed alligators andcrocodiles as well, the only subject heading assigned would be Reptiles.Subject headings are used for materials that have definite, definable subjects. There are always afew works so indefinite in their subject content that it is better not to assign a heading at all. Such awork might be a collection of materials produced by several individuals on a variety of topics or onepersons random thoughts and ideas. If a cataloger cannot determine a definite subject, the reader isunlikely to find the item under a makeshift or general heading. The headings Human behavior andHappiness, for example, would be misleading when assigned to a book titled Appreciation, which isa personal account of the sources of the authors pleasure in life. The book has no specific subjectand so it should be assigned no subject headings.A-20'