b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUse For: 1st of July; Confederation Day; Canada, Air ForceDominion Day (Canada); First of Use: Canada. Royal Canadian AirJuly; July First ForceBroader Term(s): HolidaysCanada Canada, CentralCanada East Use: Central CanadaUse: Quebec (Province) Canada, EasternCanada Games Use: Eastern CanadaDewey: 796.0971 Canada, NorthernSee Also: topical headings for games of a Use: Canadian Arcticparticular year, e.g. Canada Games(2013 : Sherbrooke, Quebec) Canada, NorthwestBroader Term(s): SportsCanada Use: Canadian NorthwestCanada Games (2013 : Sherbrooke, Quebec) Canada, Parliament buildingsDewey: 796.0971 Use: Parliament Buildings (Ottawa,Ont.)Canada in artDewey: 704.9 Canada, WesternScope Note: Use for materials on Canada as a Use: West (Canada)subject or theme in art. Views of Canada, WesternHistoryAutonomy andCanada that are not offeredprimarily for their artistic value are independence movementsentered under CanadaPictorial Use: West (Canada)Separatistworks. movementsSee Also: specific Canadian subjects and Canada- Police corruptionthemes in art, e.g. Manitoba in art Use: Police corruptionCanada[to be added as needed]Narrower Term(s):Manitoba in art Canada. ArmyCanada in literature Use: Canada. Canadian ArmyDewey: 809; 810.9; 840.9 Canada. British North America ActSee Also: specific Canadian subjects and Use: Canada. Constitution Act, 1867themes in literature, e.g. Manitoba Canada. Canada Act 1982in literature [to be added asneeded] Dewey: 342.71Narrower Term(s):Manitoba in literature Scope Note: Use for materials on the act thatpatriated the Canadian constitutionCanada Pension Plan in 1982. Texts of this act are enteredDewey: 331.25 under Constitutional amendmentsBroader Term(s): PensionsCanadaCanada. Materials on theCanada Post Constitution Act, 1982, which iscontained in the schedules to theUse: Canada Post Corporation Canada Act 1982, are entered underCanada Post Corporation Canada. Constitution Act, 1982.Dewey: 383 Use For: Canada Act 1982Use For: Canada Post Broader Term(s): CanadaHistory1963-Broader Term(s): Government corporationsConstitutional amendments Canada CanadaPostal serviceCanada Narrower Term(s):Canada. Constitution Act, 1982Canada West Canada. Canadian Armed ForcesUse: Ontario Dewey: 342.71Scope Note: Use for materials on this body afterCanada Worlds Exposition (1967 : Montreal, Quebec) its formation on February 1, 1968.Use: Expo 67 (Montreal, Quebec) Materials on the Canadian armedCanada Worlds Exposition (1986 : Vancouver, B.C.) forces prior to this date or materialsdiscussing the Canadian militaryUse: Expo 86 (Vancouver, B.C.)152'