b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsCanada. Parliament Laurendeau-Dunton Commission;Dewey: 328.71 Royal Commission on BilingualismUse For: Parliament (Canada) and BiculturalismCanada. Parliament. House of Commons Broader Term(s): BiculturalismCanadaDewey: 328.71 BilingualismCanadaUse For: CanadaHouse of Commons; CanadaEnglish-FrenchHouse of Commons (Canada); MPs; relationsMembers of ParliamentCanada Governmental investigations See Also: names of Members of Parliament [to Canadabe added as needed] Canada. SenateCanada. Parliament. Senate Use: Canada. Parliament. SenateDewey: 328.71 Canada. Supreme CourtUse For: Canada. Senate; Senate (Canada); Dewey: 347.71SenatorsCanada Use For: Supreme Court of CanadaSee Also: names of Senators [to be added asneeded] Canada. Union Act (1841)Canada. Royal Canadian Air Force Dewey: 971.04Dewey: 358.4 Scope Note: Use for materials on the act thatScope Note: Use for materials on this body prior reunited Upper Canada and Lowerto the 1968 unification. Materials on Canada in 1841 to form thethe Canadian Armed Forces, the Province of Canada. Texts of thisbody that came into being with the act are entered under Constitutions1968 unification, are entered underCanada.Canada. Canadian Armed Forces. Use For: Act of Union, 1841; Union Act,The subdivisions under United 1841States. Army may be used, when Broader Term(s): CanadaHistory1841-1867appropriate, under this heading. Constitutional lawCanadaUse For: Canada, Air Force; Canadian Air ConstitutionsCanadaForce; RCAF; Royal Canadian Air Canadian Academy Awards (Motion pictures)Force Use: Genie AwardsBroader Term(s): CanadaArmed forcesCanadian actorsCanada. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Use: ActorsCanadaUse: Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceCanadian actors and actressesCanada. Royal Canadian Navy Use: ActorsCanadaDewey: 359Scope Note: Use for materials on this body prior Canadian actressesto the 1968 unification. Materials on Use: ActressesCanadathe Canadian Armed Forces, the Broader Term(s): ActorsCanadabody that came into being with the Canadian Air Force1968 unification, are entered under Use: Canada. Royal Canadian AirCanada. Canadian Armed Forces. ForceThe subdivisions under UnitedStates. Army may be used, when Canadian Allianceappropriate, under this heading. Dewey: 324.271Use For: Canada. Navy; Canadian Navy; Broader Term(s): Political partiesCanadaRCN; Royal Canadian Navy Related Term(s): Reform Party of CanadaBroader Term(s): CanadaArmed forcesCanadian almanacsCanada. Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBiculturalism Dewey: 031Dewey: 306.44; 971 Scope Note: Use for general materials onUse For: Canada. Commission on Canadian almanacs and forBilingualism and Biculturalism; collections of almanacs by severalDunton-Laurendeau Commission; Canadian authors written originally154'