b'Canadian authorsin more than one language. May be Scope Note: Use for materials on the visual artsqualified by language as needed. in Canada or art produced byNarrower Term(s):Canadian almanacs (English) Canadians. Materials on the arts inCanadian almanacs (French) general, including the visual arts,Canadian almanacs (English) literature, and the performing arts,are entered under ArtsCanada.Dewey: 031 Materials on Canada as asubject orScope Note: Use for materials on Canadian theme in art are entered underalmanacs specifically limited to Canada in art.almanacs written in English and for Use For: Art, Canadianindividual almanacs or collections of Narrower Term(s):Canadian drawingalmanacs in English. Canadian engravingBroader Term(s): Canadian almanacs Canadian folk artCanadian almanacs (French) Canadian paintingDewey: 034 Canadian sculptureScope Note: Use for materials on Canadian First Nations artalmanacs specifically limited to Graphic artsCanadaalmanacs written in French and for Related Term(s): ArtistsCanadaindividual almanacs or collections of Canadian artificial satellitesalmanacs in French. Dewey: 629.43; 629.46Use For: French Canadian almanacs Use For: Artificial satellites, CanadianBroader Term(s): Canadian almanacs See Also: names of specific satellites, e.g.Canadian antiques Anik (Communications satellite)Use: AntiquesCanada [to be added as needed]Narrower Term(s):Anik (Communications satellite)Canadian Archipelago (Nunavut and N.W.T.)Use: Arctic Archipelago (Nunavut and Canadian artistsN.W.T.) Use: ArtistsCanadaCanadian architecture Canadian artsUse: ArchitectureCanada Use: ArtsCanadaCanadian Arctic Canadian artsGovernment policyDewey: 917.19; 971.9 Use: ArtsGovernment policy Use For: Arctic regions (Canada); Canada, CanadaNorthern; Canadian North; Northern Canadian athletesCanada Use: AthletesCanadaBroader Term(s): Arctic regionsCanada Canadian atlasesNarrower Term(s):Arctic Archipelago (Nunavut and Use: CanadaMapsN.W.T.)Arctic sovereigntyCanada Canadian authorsDewey: 810.9; 920Canadian Arctic Expedition (1913-1918) Scope Note: Use for materials on severalDewey: 971.9 Canadian authors not limited toBroader Term(s): Arctic regionsExploration authors writing in a particular formCanadaExploring expeditions or language.Canadian Arctic Islands (Nunavut and N.W.T.) Use For: Authors, CanadianUse: Arctic Archipelago (Nunavut and See Also: types of Canadian authors, e.g.N.W.T.) Canadian poets; Canadian authorswriting in a particular language, e.g.Canadian Army Canadian authors (French); andUse: Canada. Canadian Army names of individual authors [to beadded as needed]Canadian art Broader Term(s): Canadian literatureGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Canadian literature (English)Dewey: 709.71 Narrower Term(s):Canadian authors (English)155'