b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsCanadian authors (French) Canadian Bill of RightsCanadian dramatists Use: Canada. Canadian Bill of RightsCanadian literatureCanadian biographyBio-bibliography Use: CanadaBiographyCanadian novelistsCanadian poets Canadian books for childrenFirst Nations authors Use: Canadian childrens literatureCanadian authors (English) Canadian campaign literatureDewey: 810.9; 920 Use: Campaign literatureCanadaBroader Term(s): Canadian authors Canadian CentennialCanadian authors (French) Use: CanadaCentennialDewey: 840.9; 920 celebrations, etc.Use For: Authors, French Canadian; French Canadian characteristicsCanadian authors Use: Canadian national characteristicsBroader Term(s): Canadian authorsCanadian authorsBiography Canadian Charter of Rights and FreedomsDewey: 810.9; 920 Use: Canada. Canadian Charter ofRights and FreedomsCanadian authorsFirst editions Canadian childrenUse: Canadian literatureFirst Use: ChildrenCanadaeditionsCanadian ballads Canadian childrens literatureGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 811 Dewey: 810Scope Note: Use for general materials on Scope Note: Use for general materials onCanadian ballads and for collections Canadian childrens literature andof ballads by several Canadian for collections of childrensauthors written originally in more literature by several Canadianthan one language. may be qualified authors written originally in moreby language as needed. than one language. May be qualifiedBroader Term(s): Canadian poetry by language as needed.Narrower Term(s):Canadian ballads (English) Use For: Canadian books for children;Canadian ballads (French) Childrens literature, CanadianBroader Term(s): Canadian literatureCanadian ballads (English) Canadian literature (English)Dewey: 811 Narrower Term(s):Canadian childrens literatureScope Note: Use for materials on Canadian (English)ballads specifically limited to Canadian childrens literatureballads written in English and for (French)individual ballads or collections of Related Term(s): Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbonballads in English. MedalBroader Term(s): Canadian ballads Canadian young adult literatureCanadian ballads (French) Canadian childrens literature (English)Dewey: 841 Dewey: 810Scope Note: Use for materials on Canadian Scope Note: Use for materials on Canadianballads specifically limited to childrens literature specificallyballads written in French and for limited to literature written inindividual ballads or collections of English and for collections ofballads in French. childrens literature in English byUse For: French Canadian ballads several Canadian authors.Broader Term(s): Canadian ballads Broader Term(s): Canadian childrens literatureCanadian best sellers (Books) Canadian childrens literature (French)Use: Best sellers (Books) - Canada Dewey: 840156'