b'Canadian dramaScope Note: Use for materials on Canadian authors written originally in morechildrens literature specifically than one language. May be qualifiedlimited to literature written in by language as needed.French and for collections of See Also: classes of persons, ethnic groups,childrens literature by several and names of individual persons andFrench Canadian authors. families with the subdivisionUse For: Childrens literature, French Diaries [to be added as needed]Canadian; French Canadian Narrower Term(s):Canadian diaries (English)childrens literature Canadian diaries (French)Broader Term(s): Canadian childrens literature Canadian diaries (English)Canadian citizenship Dewey: 809; 920Use: CitizenshipCanada Scope Note: Use for materials on CanadianCanadian civilization diaries specifically limited to diarieswritten in English and forUse: CanadaCivilization collections of diaries in English byCanadian Coast Guard several Canadian authors.Dewey: 363.28 Broader Term(s): Canadian diariesUse For: Canada. Canadian Coast Guard; Canadian diaries (French)Canada. Coast Guard; Coast Guard Dewey: 809; 920(Canada) Scope Note: Use for materials on CanadianCanadian coins diaries specifically limited to diariesUse: CoinsCanada written in French and for collectionsof diaries by several FrenchCanadian colleges Canadian authors.Use: Colleges and universitiesUse For: French Canadian diariesCanada Broader Term(s): Canadian diariesCanadian color prints Canadian diplomatic and consular serviceDewey: 769.971 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Color prints, Canadian Dewey: 327.71; 353.1Use For: CanadaDiplomatic and consularCanadian composers service; Diplomatic and consularUse: ComposersCanada service, CanadianCanadian cookbooks Canadian diplomatic and consular serviceUnitedUse: Canadian cooking StatesCanadian cooking Dewey: 327.71; 353.1Dewey: 641.5971 Use For: CanadaDiplomatic and consularScope Note: Use for materials on cooking limited serviceUnited Statesto Canadian national and regional Canadian dramastyles. For cooking as it is practiced Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyin a particular city or province Dewey: 812subdivide Cooking geographically, Scope Note: Use for general materials one.g. CookingNova Scotia. Canadian drama in more than oneUse For: Canadian cookbooks language, not for individual works.Narrower Term(s):CookingNova Scotia Collections of Canadian drama areCanadian decoration and ornament entered under Canadian drama Use: Decoration and ornamentCollections, or under CanadianCanada drama qualified by language asappropriate and subdivided byCanadian diaries Collections. May be qualified byGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically language as needed.Dewey: 809; 920 Broader Term(s): Canadian literatureScope Note: Use for general materials on Canadian literature (English)Canadian diaries and for collections Narrower Term(s):Canadian drama (English)of diaries by several Canadian Canadian drama (French)157'