b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsRelated Term(s): Canadian dramatists Canadian encyclopediasUse: CanadaDictionariesCanadian drama (English) Canadian energy policyDewey: 812 Use: Energy policyCanadaScope Note: Use for materials on Canadiandrama specifically limited to drama Canadian English languagewritten in English. Use: English languageCanadaBroader Term(s): Canadian dramaCanadian engravingCanadian drama (French) Dewey: 760; 769Dewey: 842 Use For: Engraving, CanadianScope Note: Use for materials on Canadian Broader Term(s): Canadian artdrama specifically limited to drama Graphic artsCanadawritten in French.Use For: French Canadian drama Canadian environmental policyBroader Term(s): Canadian drama Use: Environmental policyCanadaCanadian dramaCollections Canadian espionageDewey: 812.008 Dewey: 327.1271; 355.3Use For: Espionage, CanadianCanadian dramaHistory and criticismDewey: 812.009 Canadian essaysGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCanadian dramatists Dewey: 814Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Scope Note: Use for general materials onDewey: 812.009; 920 Canadian essays and for collectionsScope Note: Use for materials on several of essay by several CanadianCanadian dramatists not specifically authors written originally in morelimited to dramatists writing in a than one language. May be qualifiedparticular language. by language as needed.Use For: Dramatists, Canadian Broader Term(s): Canadian literatureBroader Term(s): Canadian authors Canadian literature (English)Narrower Term(s):Canadian dramatists (English) Narrower Term(s):Canadian essays (English)Canadian dramatists (French) Canadian essays (French)Related Term(s): Canadian dramaCanadian essays (English)Canadian dramatists (English) Dewey: 814Dewey: 812.009; 920 Scope Note: Use for materials on CanadianBroader Term(s): Canadian dramatists essays specifically limited to essaysCanadian dramatists (French) written in French and for collectionsDewey: 842.009; 920 of essays by several FrenchUse For: Dramatists, French Canadian; Canadian authors.French Canadian dramatists Broader Term(s): Canadian essaysBroader Term(s): Canadian dramatists Canadian essays (French)Canadian drawing Dewey: 844Dewey: 741.971 Scope Note: Use for materials on CanadianUse For: Drawing, Canadian essays specifically limited to essaysBroader Term(s): Canadian art written in French and for collectionsGraphic artsCanada of essays by several FrenchCanadian authors.Canadian East Use For: French Canadian essaysUse: Eastern Canada Broader Term(s): Canadian essaysCanadian economic assistance Canadian ethicsUse: Canadian foreign aid Use: EthicsCanadaCanadian educational assistance Canadian exploring expeditionsUse: Canadian foreign aid Use: CanadaExploring expeditions158'