b'Canadian government publicationsCanadian fables Broader Term(s): Canadian musicDewey: 813Canadian family Canadian folk songsUse: FamilyCanada Use: Folk songsCanadaCanadian fiction Canadian food reliefGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Canadian foreign aidDewey: 813 Canadian footballScope Note: Use for general materials on Dewey: 796.335Canadian fiction and for collections Use For: Football, Canadianof fiction by several Canadian See Also: names of leagues and teams, e.g.authors written originally in more Canadian Football League;than one language. May be qualified Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Footballby language as needed. team) [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Canadian literature Broader Term(s): SportsCanadaCanadian literature (English) Narrower Term(s):Canadian Football LeagueNarrower Term(s):Canadian fiction (English) Hamilton Tiger-Cats (FootballCanadian fiction (French) team)Canadian short stories Related Term(s): Grey Cup (Football)Canadian fiction (English) Canadian Football LeagueDewey: 813 Dewey: 796.33506Scope Note: Use for materials on Canadian Use For: CFLfiction specifically limited to fiction Broader Term(s): Canadian footballwritten in English and forcollections of fiction in English by Canadian foreign aidseveral Canadian authors. Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Canadian fiction Dewey: 338.91; 361.6Use For: Canadian economic assistance;Canadian fiction (French) Canadian educational assistance;Dewey: 843 Canadian food relief; EconomicScope Note: Use for materials on Canadian assistance, Canadian; Educationalfiction specifically limited to fiction assistance, Canadianwritten in French and for collections See Also: names of aid agencies, e.g.of fiction by several French Canadian InternationalCanadian authors. Development Agency [to be addedUse For: French Canadian fiction as needed]Broader Term(s): Canadian fiction Narrower Term(s):Canadian InternationalCanadian film industry (Motion pictures) Development AgencyUse: Motion picture industryCanadian French languageCanada Use: French languageCanadaCanadian films Canadian furnitureUse: Motion picturesCanada Dewey: 684.100971; 749.211Canadian flag Use For: Furniture, CanadianUse: FlagsCanada See Also: styles of Canadian furniture [to beadded as needed]Canadian folk art Canadian Girl GuidesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Girl Guides of CanadaDewey: 745.0971Use For: Folk art, Canadian Canadian governmentBroader Term(s): Canadian art Use: CanadaPolitics andCanadian folk dancing governmentUse: Folk dancingCanada Canadian government publicationsCanadian folk music Use: Government publications Use: Folk musicCanada Canada159'