b'Canadian literatureInuit authorsCanadian satire Canadian literatureCanadian Indian authorsCanadian speeches Use: Canadian literatureFirstCanadian wit and humor Nations authorsCanadian young adult literature Canadian literatureCollectionsCanadian literature (English) Dewey: 810.8Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Scope Note: Use for collections containing bothDewey: 810 prose and poetry in more than oneUse For: English Canadian literature; English language by several CanadianliteratureCanada authors. Collections consisting ofBroader Term(s): Canadian literature prose only are entered underNarrower Term(s):Canadian authors Canadian prose literature;Canadian childrens literature collections of poetry are enteredCanadian drama under Canadian poetry Canadian essays Collections.Canadian fiction Narrower Term(s):Canadian poetryCollectionsCanadian letters Canadian prose literatureCanadian literature (French) Canadian literatureCriticismCanadian poetry Use: Canadian literatureHistoryCanadian poetry (English) and criticismCanadian prose literatureCanadian quotations Canadian literatureDictionariesCanadian satire Dewey: 810.3Canadian speeches Canadian literatureExaminationsCanadian wit and humorCanadian young adult literature Dewey: 810.7Related Term(s): Canadian literatureStudy andCanadian literature (French) teachingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Canadian literatureFirst editionsDewey: 840Scope Note: May use same subdivisions and Dewey: 810names of literary forms as for Use For: Canadian authorsFirst editionsEnglish literature; e.g. Canadian Canadian literatureFirst Nations authorspoetry (French); etc. Dewey: 810.8; 810.9Use For: French Canadian literature; French Scope Note: Use for collections or materialsliteratureCanada about Canadian literature written inBroader Term(s): Canadian literature English or French by several FirstCanadian literature (English) Nations authors, not for individualNarrower Term(s):Canadian poetry (French) works. Use same pattern forCanadian literature18th century literature and literary forms writtenDewey: 810 by other ethnic groups or classes ofpersons. Collections or materialsCanadian literature19th century about literature written in FirstDewey: 810 Nations languages are entered underFirst Nations literature.Canadian literature20th century Use For: Canadian literatureCanadianDewey: 810 Indian authorsCanadian literature21st century Canadian literatureHistory and criticismDewey: 810 Dewey: 810.9Canadian literatureBibliography Use For: Canadian literatureCriticismDewey: 016.81 Canadian literatureIndexesCanadian literatureBio-bibliography Dewey: 016.81Dewey: 810.9; 920 Canadian literatureInuit authorsBroader Term(s): Canadian authors Dewey: 810.8; 810.9161'