b'Sears List of Subject Headingslimited to poets writing in a Broader Term(s): Canadian literatureparticular language. Canadian literature (English)Use For: Poets, Canadian Canadian literatureCollectionsSee Also: names of individual poets [to be Narrower Term(s):Canadian prose literatureadded as needed] (English)Broader Term(s): Canadian authors Canadian prose literatureNarrower Term(s):Canadian poets (English) (French)Canadian poets (French) Canadian prose literature (English)Canadian poets (English) Dewey: 818Dewey: 811.009; 920 Scope Note: Use for materials on Canadian proseBroader Term(s): Canadian poets literature in a variety of formsCanadian poets (French) specifically limited to literaturewritten in English and forDewey: 841.009 collections of prose literature inUse For: French Canadian poets; Poets, English by several CanadianFrench Canadian authors.Broader Term(s): Canadian poets Broader Term(s): Canadian prose literatureCanadian politicians Canadian prose literature (French)Use: PoliticiansCanada Dewey: 848Canadian politics Scope Note: Use for materials on Canadian proseUse: CanadaPolitics and literature in a variety of formsgovernment specifically limited to literaturewritten in French and for collectionsCanadian popular music of prose literature by several FrenchUse: Popular musicCanada Canadian authors.Broader Term(s): Canadian music Use For: French Canadian prose literatureBroader Term(s): Canadian prose literatureCanadian potteryGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Canadian quotationsDewey: 738.0971 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Pottery, Canadian Dewey: 081; 818Scope Note: Use for general materials onCanadian prints Canadian quotations and forGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically collections of quotations by severalDewey: 796.971 Canadian authors written originallyUse For: Prints, Canadian in more than one language. May beCanadian prisoners of war qualified by language as needed.Use: Prisoners of warCanada Use For: Quotations, CanadianBroader Term(s): Canadian literatureCanadian propaganda Canadian literature (English)Dewey: 303.3; 327.1 Narrower Term(s):Canadian quotations (English)Use For: Propaganda, Canadian Canadian quotations (French)Canadian prose literature Canadian quotations (English)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 081; 818Dewey: 818 Scope Note: Use for materials on CanadianScope Note: Use for collections of prose writings quotations specifically limited toby several Canadian authors that quotations written in English and formay include a variety of literary collections of quotations in Englishforms, such as essays, fiction, by several Canadian authors.speeches, etc., in more than one Broader Term(s): Canadian quotationslanguage. May also be used for Canadian quotations (French)general materials about suchwritings.May be qualified by Dewey: 084; 848language as needed. Scope Note: Use for materials on CanadianUse For: Prose literature, Canadian quotations specifically limited toquotations written in French and for164'