b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsNational songsCanada Scope Note: Use for general materials onPopular musicCanada Canadian wit and humor and forCanadian speeches collections of wit and humor byseveral Canadian authors writtenDewey: 815 originally in more than oneUse For: Canadian orations; Speeches, language. Individual works byaddresses, etc., Canadian Canadian humorists are enteredBroader Term(s): Canadian literature under Wit and humor. May beCanadian literature (English) qualified by language as needed.Canadian studies Use For: Canadian humorDewey: 971 Broader Term(s): Canadian literatureUse For: Area studiesCanada; CanadaCanadian literature (English)Study and teaching Narrower Term(s):Canadian wit and humor(English)Canadian technical assistance Canadian wit and humorGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically (French)Dewey: 338.91; 361.6Use For: Technical assistance, Canadian Canadian wit and humor (English)Dewey: 817Canadian teenagers Scope Note: Use for materials on Canadian witUse: TeenagersCanada and humor specifically limited to witCanadian tourists and humor written in English andfor collections of wit and humor inUse: Canadian travelers English by several CanadianCanadian travelers authors.Dewey: 910.92; 920 Broader Term(s): Canadian wit and humorUse For: Canadian tourists Canadian wit and humor (French)Canadian trivia Dewey: 847Use: Curiosities and wondersScope Note: Use for materials on Canadian witCanada and humor specifically limited to witand humor written in French and forCanadian Union of Public Employees collections of wit and humor byDewey: 331.880971 several French Canadian authors.Use For: CUPE Use For: French Canadian humor; FrenchBroader Term(s): Labor unionsCanada Canadian wit and humorBroader Term(s): Canadian wit and humorCanadian unity problemUse: BiculturalismCanada Canadian womenCanadaEnglish-French Use: WomenCanadarelations Canadian young adult literatureFederalismCanadaMulticulturalismCanada Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyNationalismCanada Dewey: 810RegionalismCanada Scope Note: Use for general materials onCanadian young adult literature andCanadian universities for collections of young adultUse: Colleges and universitiesliterature by several CanadianCanada authors written originally in moreCanadian University Services Overseas than one language. May be qualifiedby language as needed.Use: CUSO Use For: Young adult literature, CanadianCanadian West Broader Term(s): Canadian literatureUse: West (Canada) Canadian literature (English)Narrower Term(s):Canadian young adult literatureCanadian wit and humor (English)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Canadian young adult literatureDewey: 817 (French)166'