b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsScope Note: Use for individual works, Car wheelscollections, or materials about the Use: Wheelsnarratives written by persons who Car wreckswere taken captive by Native Use: Traffic accidentsAmericans.Broader Term(s): Autobiography CarbinesRelated Term(s): Native AmericansCaptivities Use: RiflesCar accidents CarbohydratesUse: Traffic accidents Dewey: 613.2Broader Term(s): BiochemistryCar design NutritionUse: AutomobilesDesign and Related Term(s): High-carbohydrate dietconstruction Low-carbohydrate dietCar driver education Carbolic acidUse: Automobile driver education Dewey: 547; 661Car drivers Broader Term(s): AcidsUse: Automobile drivers ChemicalsCar engines CarbonUse: AutomobilesMotors Dewey: 547; 660Broader Term(s): Chemical elementsCar industry Narrower Term(s):DiamondsUse: Automobile industry GraphiteCar insurance Carbon 14 datingUse: Automobile insurance Use: Radiocarbon datingCar maintenance Carbon dioxide greenhouse effectUse: AutomobilesMaintenance and Use: Global warmingrepair CarburetorsCar painting Dewey: 621.43Use: AutomobilesPainting Broader Term(s): Internal combustion enginesCar parts CarcinomaUse: Automobile parts Use: CancerCar pools Card catalogsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Dewey: 025.3Dewey: 388.4 Use For: Catalogs, CardUse For: Automobile pools; Carpools; Ride Broader Term(s): Library catalogssharing; Van pools Card gamesBroader Term(s): Traffic engineering Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyTransportation Dewey: 795.4Car racing See Also: types of card games [to be added asUse: Automobile racing needed]Broader Term(s): GamesCar repair Narrower Term(s):Bridge (Game)Use: AutomobilesMaintenance and Canasta (Game)repair Card tricksCar transmissions Collectible card gamesUse: AutomobilesTransmission Pokerdevices Solitaire (Game)TarotCar travel Related Term(s): Playing cardsUse: Automobile travel170'