b'Cariboo (B.C. : Regional district)Gold discoveriesCard tricks Care of childrenDewey: 793.8 Use: Child careBroader Term(s): Card games Care of the dyingMagic tricksTricks Use: Terminal careCardiac diseases Career changesUse: Heart diseases Dewey: 650.14; 658.4Use For: Changing careers; Mid-careerCardiac resuscitation changesDewey: 616.1 See Also: fields of knowledge, professions,Use For: Heart resuscitation; Resuscitation, industries, and trades with theHeart subdivision Vocational guidance [toBroader Term(s): Emergency medicine be added as needed]Related Term(s): CPR (First aid) Broader Term(s): Age and employmentCardinals Vocational guidanceGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Career counselingDewey: 262 Use: Vocational guidanceBroader Term(s): Catholic ChurchClergy Career developmentCardiopulmonary resuscitation Use: Personnel managementUse: CPR (First aid) Vocational guidanceCardiovascular system Career educationDewey: 612.1 Use: Vocational educationUse For: Circulatory system; Vascular system Career guidanceBroader Term(s): AnatomyPhysiology Use: Vocational guidanceNarrower Term(s):Heart CareersRelated Term(s): BloodCirculation Use: OccupationsCards, Debit ProfessionsUse: Debit cards Vocational guidanceCards, Greeting CaregiversUse: Greeting cards Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 362; 649.8Cards, Playing Scope Note: Use for materials on family andUse: Playing cards friends who on a voluntary basisCards, Sports provide personal home care forolder, ill, or disabled people.Use: Sports cards Use For: Care givers; Family caregiversCare Broader Term(s): Volunteer workUse parts of the body, classes of persons, and types of Related Term(s): Home care servicesanimals with the subdivision Care, e.g.FootCaribbean AreaCare;InfantsCare; DogsCare; etc.; classes Use: Caribbean Regionof persons with the subdivisions Medical care,Institutional care, and Home care, e.g. ElderlyCaribbean RegionMedical care; ElderlyInstitutional care; Dewey: 972.9ElderlyHome care; etc.; ethnic groups and Use For: Caribbean Area; Caribbean Seaclasses of persons with the subdivision Health and Region; West Indies Regionhygiene, e.g.InfantsHealth and hygiene; and Broader Term(s): Americainanimate things with the subdivision Maintenance Caribbean Sea Regionand repair, e.g. AutomobilesMaintenance and Use: Caribbean Regionrepair [to be added as needed]Care givers Cariboo (B.C. : Regional district)GoldUse: Caregivers discoveriesDewey: 971.1171'