b'CastlesCarriages and carts Carving (Arts)Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Carving (Decorative arts)Dewey: 388.3; 688.6 Carving (Decorative arts)Use For: Carts; Stagecoaches; WagonsBroader Term(s): Vehicles Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 731.4; 736Cars (Automobiles) Use For: Carving (Arts)Use: Automobiles See Also: types of carving, e.g. Wood carvingCartels [to be added as needed]Broader Term(s): Decorative artsUse: Industrial trusts Narrower Term(s):Wood carvingCarthage (Extinct city) Related Term(s): SculptureDewey: 939 Carving (Meat, etc.)Broader Term(s): Extinct cities Dewey: 642Cartography Broader Term(s): DiningUse: Map drawing EntertainingMaps MeatCartooning Carving, WoodGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Wood carvingDewey: 741.5 Case studiesBroader Term(s): Cartoons and caricatures Use subjects with the subdivision Case studies, e.g.Wit and humor Juvenile delinquencyCase studies [to be addedCartoons and caricatures as needed]Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Case work, SocialDewey: 741.5 Use: Social case workScope Note: Use for collections of pictorialhumor and for materials about Cassandra (Legendary character)cartoons and caricatures. Dewey: 398.22Use For: Caricatures; Caricatures and Broader Term(s): Legendary characterscartoonsSee Also: subjects, classes of persons, names Cassette booksof individuals, and names of wars Use: Audiobookswith the subdivision Cartoons and Cassette recorders and recordingcaricatures [to be added as needed] Use: Magnetic recorders and recordingBroader Term(s): PicturesPortraits Cassette tapes, AudioNarrower Term(s):Animated films Use: Sound recordingsCartooningComputersCartoons and Castawayscaricatures Use: Survival after airplane accidents,Political cartoons shipwrecks, etc.World War, 1939-1945CasteCartoons and caricatures Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Comic books, strips, etc. Dewey: 305.5Cartoons, Animated Broader Term(s): Manners and customsUse: Animated films Narrower Term(s):Social classesCartoons, Television CastingUse: Animated television programs Use: FoundingPlaster castsCartsUse: Carriages and carts CastlesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCarts (Midget cars) Dewey: 728.8Use: Karts and karting Use For: ChateauxBroader Term(s): Buildings173'