b'Catholic ChurchCreedsCatastrophes Catholic charismatic movementUse: Disasters Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCatastrophes (Geology) Dewey: 282Use For: Charismatic movement; CharismaticDewey: 551.8 renewal movementBroader Term(s): Geology Broader Term(s): Catholic ChurchCatechisms Episcopal ChurchDewey: 202; 238 Related Term(s): PentecostalismSee Also: names of religions and sects and Spiritual giftstitles of sacred works with the Catholic Churchsubdivision Catechisms [to be added Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyas needed] Dewey: 282Broader Term(s): TheologyStudy and teaching Use For: Catholic faith; Catholicism; RomanNarrower Term(s):BibleCatechisms Catholic ChurchRelated Term(s): Creeds See Also: religious subjects with theCategories of persons subdivision Catholic Church, e.g.Use: Persons AsceticismCatholic Church;LaityCatholic Church; etc.,Caterers and catering and other subjects with theUse: Catering subdivisions Religious aspects Catering Catholic Church; e.g. Abortion Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Religious aspectsCatholicDewey: 642 Church [to be added as needed]Use For: Caterers and catering Broader Term(s): Christian sectsBroader Term(s): Cooking ChristianityFood service Narrower Term(s):Catholic charismatic movementRelated Term(s): Menus InquisitionLaityCatholic ChurchCaterpillars PapacyDewey: 595.78 Related Term(s): CatholicsUse For: Cocoons Catholic ChurchBishopsBroader Term(s): Butterflies Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyMoths Dewey: 280Cathedrals Broader Term(s): BishopsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Catholic ChurchCanadaDewey: 726.6 Dewey: 282.092; 305.6See Also: names of individual cathedrals [tobe added as needed] Catholic ChurchCharitiesBroader Term(s): Church buildings Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyRelated Term(s): Abbeys Dewey: 361.7Church architecture Broader Term(s): CharitiesGothic architectureMedieval architecture Catholic ChurchClergyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCathedralsCanada Dewey: 253Dewey: 726.60971 Broader Term(s): ClergySee Also: names of individual cathedrals [to Priestsbe added as needed] Narrower Term(s):CardinalsCathedralsUnited States Ex-priestsDewey: 726.60973 Catholic ChurchConvertsCathode ray tubes Use: Converts to CatholicismDewey: 537.5; 621.3815 Catholic ChurchCreedsUse For: CRTs Dewey: 238Broader Term(s): Vacuum tubes Scope Note: Use for materials about the concise,formal, authorized statements of175'