b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsCDROMs Broader Term(s): Stringed instrumentsUse: CD-ROMsCDs (Compact discs) Cello playersUse: Compact discs Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 787.4092CEGEPs Use For: Cellists; Violoncellists; VioloncelloUse: Colleges and universitiesplayersQuebec (Province) Broader Term(s): InstrumentalistsCelebrations, anniversaries, etc. CellsUse: Anniversaries Dewey: 571.6Use For: CytologyCelebrities Broader Term(s): BiologyGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically PhysiologyDewey: 920 ReproductionUse For: Famous people; Public figures Narrower Term(s):DNASee Also: types of celebrities, e.g. Actors; Related Term(s): EmbryologyTelevision personalities; and names Protoplasmof individual celebrities [to be addedas needed] Cells, ElectricBroader Term(s): Persons Use: Electric batteriesNarrower Term(s):Television personalities Cellular phonesRelated Term(s): Fame Use: Cellular telephonesCelebrity Cellular telephonesUse: Fame Dewey: 384.5Celery Use For: Cell phones; Cellular phonesDewey: 635; 641.3 Broader Term(s): TelephoneBroader Term(s): Vegetables Narrower Term(s):SmartphonesRelated Term(s): Text messagingCelibacyDewey: 204; 248.4 Celtic artScope Note: Use for materials on the Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyrenunciation of marriage for Dewey: 709.01religious reasons. Materials on the Broader Term(s): Artvirtue that moderates and regulates Celtic civilizationthe sexual appetite in human beings Dewey: 936.4are entered under Chastity. Broader Term(s): CivilizationMaterials on abstinence from sexualactivity are entered under Sexual Celtic legendsabstinence. Dewey: 398.208991Use For: Clerical celibacy Broader Term(s): LegendsBroader Term(s): Clergy Celtic musicReligious lifeRelated Term(s): Chastity Dewey: 781.62Sexual abstinence Scope Note: Use for individual works,collections, or materials about CelticCell phones music.Use: Cellular telephones Use For: CeltsMusicBroader Term(s): Folk musicCellarsUse: Basements Celtic mythologyDewey: 299; 936.4Cellists Use For: Mythology, CelticUse: Cello players Broader Term(s): MythologyCello CeltsDewey: 787.4 Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Violoncello; Violoncellos Dewey: 305.891; 936.4178'