b'Central AmericaUse For: Gaels See Also: names of countries, cities, etc., withBroader Term(s): FranceHistory0-1328 the subdivision Census [to be addedGreat BritainHistoryas needed]0-1066 Broader Term(s): PopulationNarrower Term(s):Druids and Druidism StatisticsCeltsMusic Vital statisticsNarrower Term(s):Chicago (Ill.)CensusUse: Celtic music OhioCensusCement United StatesCensusDewey: 620.1; 666; 691 CensusCanadaUse For: Hydraulic cement Use: CanadaCensusBroader Term(s): AdhesivesBuilding materials Centennial celebrationsCanada1967Ceramics Use: CanadaCentennialMasonry celebrations, etc.Plaster and plastering Centennial celebrations, etc.Related Term(s): ConcreteUse names of places, wars, and historical events withCemeteries the subdivision Centennial celebrations, etc., e.g.Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically United StatesHistory1861-1865, Civil WarDewey: 393; 718Centennial celebrations, etc.; and ethnic groups,Use For: Burying grounds; Churchyards; classes of persons, individuals, corporate bodies,Graves; Graveyards places, religious denominations, historic or socialSee Also: types of cemeteries and names of movements, and historic events with the subdivisionindividual cemeteries [to be added Anniversaries, for materials about anniversaryas needed] celebrations, e.g. Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616Broader Term(s): BurialAnniversaries [to be added as needed]Public healthSanitation Centers for older peopleNarrower Term(s):Catacombs Use: Senior centersEpitaphs Centers for the elderlyRelated Term(s): Tombs Use: Senior centersCensorship Centers for the performing artsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 303.3; 363.31 Dewey: 725; 790.2Scope Note: Use for general materials on the See Also: names of individual centers [to belimitation of freedom of expression added as needed]in various fields. Broader Term(s): Performing artsSee Also: subjects and names of wars with the Narrower Term(s):Auditoriumssubdivision Censorship, e.g. Books Theaters Censorship [to be added asneeded] Central AfricaBroader Term(s): Intellectual freedom Dewey: 967Narrower Term(s):BooksCensorship Scope Note: Use for materials dealingFreedom of speech collectively with the region ofLibrariesCensorship Africa that includes the CentralMotion picturesCensorship African Republic, EquatorialTelevisionCensorship Guinea, Gabon, Congo (Republic),World War, 1939-1945and Congo (Democratic Republic).Censorship Use For: Africa, CentralRelated Term(s): Freedom of information Broader Term(s): AfricaFreedom of the press Narrower Term(s):French-speaking EquatorialCensus AfricaDewey: 304.6; 310; 352.7 Central AmericaDewey: 972.8Broader Term(s): North America179'