b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsCentral Asia Ceramic tilesDewey: 958 Use: TilesUse For: Asia, Central CeramicsBroader Term(s): AsiaGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyCentral AsiaHistory Dewey: 666Dewey: 958 Scope Note: Use for materials on the technologyCentral AsiaHistory1991- of fired earth products or on ceramicproducts intended for industrial use.Dewey: 958 Materials on ceramic productsCentral Canada intended for the table or decorativeDewey: 917.13; 971.3 use are entered under Pottery orScope Note: Use for materials discussing the Porcelain.provinces of Ontario and Quebec Use For: Ceramic materialscollectively. Broader Term(s): Industrial chemistryUse For: Canada, Central; Central Provinces Materials(Canada) Narrower Term(s):AbrasivesBroader Term(s): Canada CementNarrower Term(s):Ontario ClayQubec (Province) GlassGlazesCentral Europe PotteryDewey: 943 TilesScope Note: Use for materials on the area Related Term(s): Ceramic industryincluded in the basins of theDanube, Elbe and Rhine rivers. CerealsUse For: Europe, Central Use: GrainCentral planning Cereals, PreparedUse: Economic policy Use: Prepared cerealsCentral Provinces (Canada) Cerebral palsyUse: Central Canada Dewey: 616.8Use For: Paralysis, CerebralCentral States Broader Term(s): BrainDiseasesUse: Middle WestCerebrovascular diseaseCentralization of schools Use: StrokeUse: SchoolsCentralizationCeremoniesCentralized processing (Libraries) Use: EtiquetteUse: Library technical processes Manners and customsCeramic industries Rites and ceremoniesUse: Ceramic industry CertaintyCeramic industry Dewey: 121Broader Term(s): LogicGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Theory of knowledgeDewey: 338.4 Related Term(s): TruthUse For: Ceramic industriesSee Also: types of ceramic industries, e.g. Certified public accountantsGlass manufacture [to be added as Use: Accountantsneeded]Broader Term(s): Industries CeylonNarrower Term(s):Clay industry Use: Sri LankaGlass manufacture CFLRelated Term(s): Ceramics Use: Canadian Football LeagueCeramic materials CGI (Cinematography)Use: Ceramics Use: Computer animation180'