b'CharacterChain belting Change, SocialUse: Belts and belting Use: Social changeChain stores Changing careersGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Career changesDewey: 658.8 ChantiesUse For: Branch storesBroader Term(s): Retail trade Use: Sea songsStores Chants (Plain, Gregorian, etc.)Chair caning Dewey: 782.32Dewey: 684.1 Scope Note: Use for books of chants and forUse For: Caning of chairs materials about chants.Broader Term(s): Handicraft Use For: Gregorian chant; Plain chant;PlainsongChairs Broader Term(s): Church musicDewey: 645; 684.1; 749 ChanukahBroader Term(s): FurnitureNarrower Term(s):Wheelchairs Use: HanukkahChakras Chaos (Science)Dewey: 131; 181 Dewey: 003Broader Term(s): Yoga Use For: Chaotic behavior in systemsBroader Term(s): DynamicsChalk talks ScienceDewey: 741.2 System theoryUse For: Blackboard drawing Chaotic behavior in systemsBroader Term(s): Public speakingUse: Chaos (Science)Chamber musicDewey: 785 Chap-booksBroader Term(s): Instrumental music Use: ChapbooksMusic ChapbooksNarrower Term(s):Quintets Dewey: 002Chambers of commerce Scope Note: Use for individual works,Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically collections, or materials aboutDewey: 380.106; 381.06 chapbooks.Use For: Boards of trade; Trade, Boards of Use For: Chap-books; JestbooksBroader Term(s): Commerce Broader Term(s): BooksFolkloreChange LiteratureDewey: 116 PamphletsBroader Term(s): Metaphysics PeriodicalsNarrower Term(s):Metamorphosis Wit and humorChange (Psychology) Narrower Term(s):TractsRelated Term(s): Comic books, strips, etc.Dewey: 153; 155.2Broader Term(s): Psychology ChaplainsChange of life in men Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 253Use: Male climacteric See Also: corporate bodies and institutionsChange of life in women with the subdivision Chaplains, e.g.Use: Menopause United States. ArmyChaplains[to be added as needed]Change of sex Broader Term(s): ClergyUse: Sex reassignment surgery Narrower Term(s):United States. Army Change, Organizational ChaplainsUse: Organizational change CharacterDewey: 155.2181'