b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsUse For: Chicago (Ill.)Employees; Chicago (Ill.)Telephone directoriesChicago (Ill.)Government Dewey: 917.73employees Use For: Chicago (Ill.)Directories TelephoneChicago (Ill.)Pictorial works Broader Term(s): Chicago (Ill.)DirectoriesDewey: 917.73 Chicago (Ill.)Urban renewalUse For: Chicago (Ill.)Description and Use: Urban renewalChicago (Ill.)travelViewsChicago (Ill.)Politics and government Chicago Metropolitan Area (Ill.)Dewey: 977.3 Dewey: 977.3Use For: Chicago (Ill.)Government Related Term(s): Chicago Suburban Area (Ill.)Broader Term(s): Municipal government Chicago Metropolitan Area (Ill.)Politics andPolitics governmentChicago (Ill.)Popular culture Dewey: 977.3Use: Popular cultureChicago (Ill.) Broader Term(s): Metropolitan governmentChicago (Ill.)Population Chicago Suburban Area (Ill.)Dewey: 304.609773 Dewey: 977.3Broader Term(s): Population Use For: Chicago (Ill.)Suburbs andenvironsChicago (Ill.)Public buildings Related Term(s): Chicago Metropolitan Area (Ill.)Use: Public buildingsChicago (Ill.)ChicanasChicago (Ill.)Public works Use: Mexican American womenUse: Public worksChicago (Ill.)ChicaneryChicago (Ill.)Race relations Use: DeceptionDewey: 305.800977Broader Term(s): Race relations Chicano literature (English)Use: American literatureMexicanChicago (Ill.)Registers American authorsDewey: 917.73Scope Note: Use for lists of names without Chicanosaddresses. Lists of names that Use: Mexican Americansinclude addresses are entered under Chicken poxChicago (Ill.)Directories. Use: ChickenpoxRelated Term(s): Chicago (Ill.)DirectoriesChicago (Ill.)Social conditions ChickenpoxDewey: 977.3 Dewey: 616.9Broader Term(s): Social conditions Use For: Chicken poxBroader Term(s): DiseasesChicago (Ill.)Social life and customs VirusesDewey: 977.3 ChickensBroader Term(s): Manners and customs Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyChicago (Ill.)Social policy Dewey: 598.6; 636.5Use: Social policyChicago (Ill.) Broader Term(s): PoultryChicago (Ill.)Statistics Chief justicesDewey: 317.73 Use: JudgesBroader Term(s): Statistics Child abuseChicago (Ill.)Streets Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse: StreetsChicago (Ill.) Dewey: 305.23086; 362.76; 364.15Use For: Abuse of children; Abused children;Chicago (Ill.)Suburbs and environs Child neglect; ChildrenAbuse;Use: Chicago Suburban Area (Ill.) Cruelty to childrenBroader Term(s): Child welfareDomestic violence188'