b'ChildrenScope Note: Use for materials on the aid, Infertilitysupport, and protection of children, Childrenby the state or by private welfareorganizations. Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyUse For: Aid to dependent children; Children Dewey: 305.23 Charities, protection, etc.; Scope Note: Use for materials on people fromMothers pensions; Protection of birth through age twelve. Materialschildren limited to the first two years of aBroader Term(s): Charities childs life are entered underPublic welfare Infants.Social work Use For: Preschool childrenNarrower Term(s):Abandoned children See Also: children of particular racial or ethnicChild abuse groups, e.g. African AmericanChild labor children; children and otherChild support subjects, e.g. Children and war;ChildrenInstitutional care and names of wars with theDay care centers subdivision Children, e.g. WorldFoster home care War, 1939-1945Children [to beRelated Term(s): Childrens hospitals added as needed]Juvenile delinquency Broader Term(s): AgeOrphanages FamilyNarrower Term(s):Abandoned childrenChild-adult relationship Adopted childrenDewey: 305.23; 362.7; 649 Advertising and childrenUse For: Adults and children; Children and African American childrenadults Birth orderBroader Term(s): Children Black childrenNarrower Term(s):Child rearing BoysChildren and strangers Child developmentConflict of generations Child soldiersParent-child relationship Child-adult relationshipTeacher-student relationship ChildlessnessChildbirth Children and warGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Children of alcoholicsDewey: 618.4 Children of divorced parentsUse For: Birth; Birth customs; Child birth; Children of drug addictsLabor (Childbirth); Obstetrics Children of gay parentsNarrower Term(s):Home birth Children of immigrantsMidwives Children of single parentsMultiple birth Children of working parentsNatural childbirth Children with disabilitiesRelated Term(s): Pregnancy Computers and childrenExceptional childrenChildbirth at home Father-child relationshipUse: Home birth Foster childrenGirlsChildhood cancer InfantsUse: Cancer in children Internet and childrenChildhood diseases Missing childrenUse: ChildrenDiseases Mother-child relationshipMotion pictures and childrenChildlessness Native American childrenDewey: 306.87 Only childBroader Term(s): Children OrphansFamily size Parent-child relationshipRelated Term(s): Birth control Runaway childrenHuman fertility School children191'