b'Children and deathChildrenFood Scope Note: Use for material on childrens deathUse: ChildrenNutrition rates and causes. Material onChildrenGrowth childrens experiences with,Dewey: 155.4; 612.6 conceptions of, and reactions toBroader Term(s): Child development death are entered under Childrenand death. Materials on the death ofChildrenHealth and hygiene children are entered under ChildrenGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDeath.Dewey: 613 Use For: Child mortality; ChildrenDeathUse For: ChildrenHygiene; PediatricsCauses; ChildrenDeath rateBroader Term(s): Health Broader Term(s): MortalityHygieneNarrower Term(s):ChildrenNutrition ChildrenNutritionChildrenPhysical fitness Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallySchool hygiene Dewey: 613.2083; 641.1083; 649Related Term(s): ChildrenDiseases Use For: ChildrenFood; Childrens foodChildrens hospitals Broader Term(s): ChildrenHealth and hygieneHealth education NutritionNarrower Term(s):School childrenFoodChildrenHospitalsUse: Childrens hospitals ChildrenPhysical fitnessGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyChildrenHygiene Dewey: 613.7Use: ChildrenHealth and hygiene Broader Term(s): ChildrenHealth and hygieneChildrenInstitutional care Physical fitnessGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically ChildrenPlacing outDewey: 362.73 Use: AdoptionUse For: Boys towns; Childrens homes Foster home careBroader Term(s): Child welfareInstitutional care ChildrenPsychologyNarrower Term(s):Day care centers Use: Child psychologyOrphanages ChildrenSelf-defenseReformatories Use: Self-defense for childrenRelated Term(s): Foster home careChildrenLanguage ChildrenSocializationDewey: 155.4 Use: SocializationBroader Term(s): Language and languages ChildrenSurgeryChildrenManagement Dewey: 617Use: Child rearing Use For: Pediatric surgeryBroader Term(s): SurgeryChildrenMedical examinations ChildrenTrainingGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Child rearingDewey: 616.07Use For: Medical inspection in schools; ChildrenUnited StatesSchool childrenMedical Dewey: 305.230973examinationsChildren and adultsChildrenMental health Use: Child-adult relationshipUse: Child psychiatryChildren and advertisingChildrenMolesting Use: Advertising and childrenUse: Child sexual abuseChildren and deathChildrenMortality Dewey: 155.9Geographic Note: May subdivide geographically Scope Note: Use for materials on childrensDewey: 304.6 experiences with, conceptions of,and reactions to death. Materials on193'