b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsChildrens diseases Fairy talesUse: ChildrenDiseases Newbery MedalChildrens food Picture books for childrenUse: ChildrenNutrition Plot-your-own storiesReading materialsChildrens homes StorytellingUse: ChildrenInstitutional careChildrens literatureBook reviewsChildrens hospitals Dewey: 808.8Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 362.11 Childrens literatureHistory and criticismUse For: ChildrenHospitals Dewey: 809Broader Term(s): Hospitals Childrens literature, CanadianRelated Term(s): Child welfare Use: Canadian childrens literatureChildrenHealth and hygieneChildrens libraries Childrens literature, French CanadianDewey: 027.62 Use: Canadian childrens literatureBroader Term(s): Libraries (French)Related Term(s): Libraries and children Childrens moneymaking projectsChildrens literature Use: Money-making projects forDewey: 808.8 childrenScope Note: Use for collections or materials Childrens partiesabout literature published for Dewey: 395.3; 793.2children. Materials on the reading Broader Term(s): Amusementsinterests of children and lists of Entertainingbooks for children are entered under PartiesChildrenBooks and reading.Individual literary works and Childrens playhousescollections of literary works written Dewey: 690by children are entered under Broader Term(s): BuildingsChildrens writings. Materials Childrens playsabout works written by children and Dewey: 808.82materials about children as authors Scope Note: Use for individual works,are entered under Child authors. collections, or materials about playsUse For: Books for children; Childrens for children. Materials about playsbooks; Juvenile literature for production in colleges andSee Also: subjects and personal, corporate, schools are entered under Collegeand place names with the and school drama. Individualsubdivision Juvenile literature, for works and collections of playsnon-fiction materials e.g. written by children are enteredComputersJuvenile literature; under Childrens writings.and with the subdivisions Juvenile Materials about plays written byfiction; Juvenile poetry; and Juvenile children are entered under Childdrama; for materials in those forms, authors.e.g. ChristmasJuvenile fiction; Use For: Plays for children; School playsChristmasJuvenile poetry; See Also: subjects and personal, corporate,ChristmasJuvenile drama; etc. and place names with the[to be added as needed] subdivision Juvenile drama, e.g.Broader Term(s): Literature ChristmasJuvenile drama [toNarrower Term(s):Big books be added as needed]Caldecott Medal Broader Term(s): Amateur theaterChildrens plays Childrens literatureChildrens poetry DramaChildrens stories TheaterCoretta Scott King AwardEasy reading materials196'