b'ChimneysChildrens poetry Use For: Fiction for children; Kids fiction;Dewey: 808.81 Stories for childrenScope Note: Use for individual poems, See Also: subjects and personal, corporate,collections, or materials about and place names with thepoetry written for children. subdivision Juvenile fiction, e.g.Individual works and collections of ChristmasJuvenile fiction [topoetry written by children are be added as needed]entered under Childrens writings. Broader Term(s): Childrens literatureMaterials about poetry written by Fictionchildren are entered under Childauthors. Childrens writingsUse For: Poetry for children Dewey: 808.8See Also: subjects and personal, corporate, Scope Note: Use for individual literary works orand place names with the collections of literary works writtensubdivision Juvenile poetry; e.g. by children. Materials on children asChristmasJuvenile poetry [to authors and discussions of literarybe added as needed] works written by children areBroader Term(s): Childrens literature entered under Child authors.Poetry Collections of works published forNarrower Term(s):Childrens songs children are entered underLullabies Childrens literature.Nonsense verses Use For: School prose; School verseNursery rhymes Related Term(s): Child authorsTongue twisters College and school journalismChildrens reading Children, AbnormalUse: ChildrenBooks and reading Use: Children with disabilitiesReadingChildren, AutisticChildrens secrets Use: Autistic childrenDewey: 155.4Broader Term(s): Secrecy Children, BlackUse: Black childrenChildrens songsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Children, CrippledDewey: 782.42 Use: Children with physical disabilitiesScope Note: Use for collections of songs that Children, Giftedcontain both words and music, and Use: Gifted childrenfor materials about songs forchildren. Collections of songs Children, Hyperactivewithout the music are entered under Use: Hyperactive childrenChildrens poetry.Use For: Songs for children Children, RetardedBroader Term(s): Childrens poetry Use: Children with mental disabilitiesSchool songbooks ChileSongs Dewey: 983Narrower Term(s):Lullabies Scope Note: May be subdivided like UnitedNursery rhymes States except for History.Childrens stories ChimesDewey: 808.3; 808.83 Use: BellsScope Note: Use for individual stories andcollections of stories written for Chimneyschildren. Individual works and Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallycollections of stories written by Dewey: 697; 721children are entered under Use For: Smoke stacksChildrens writings. Materials Broader Term(s): ArchitectureDetailsabout stories written by children are Buildingsentered under Child authors. Related Term(s): Fireplaces197'