b'Sears List of Subject HeadingsChrist Christian doctrineUse: Jesus Christ Use: ChristianityDoctrinesChristening Christian educationUse: Baptism Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyChristian antiquities Dewey: 268Scope Note: Use for materials on the instructionGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically of Christian religion in schools andDewey: 225.9; 270; 930.1 private life. General materials on theUse For: Christian archeology; Church instruction of religion in schools andantiquities; Ecclesiastical antiquities private life are entered underBroader Term(s): Antiquities Religious education. Materials onNarrower Term(s):Catacombs the relation of the church toRelated Term(s): Christian art education and materials on theChristian archeology history of the part that the churchUse: Christian antiquities has taken in secular education areentered under Church andChristian art education. Materials on churchGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically supported and controlled elementaryDewey: 246; 704.9 and secondary schools are enteredUse For: Christian art and symbolism; under Church schools.Ecclesiastical art Use For: Education, ChristianBroader Term(s): Art Broader Term(s): Religious educationReligious art Related Term(s): Church and educationNarrower Term(s):Icons (Religion)Jesus ChristArt Christian ethicsMary (Blessed Virgin, Saint)Dewey: 241Art Use For: Christian moral theology; MoralRelated Term(s): Christian antiquities theology, ChristianChristian symbolism Broader Term(s): EthicsGothic art Narrower Term(s):ConscienceRelated Term(s): Christian lifeChristian art and symbolismUse: Christian art Christian fasts and feastsChristian symbolism Use: Christian holidaysChristian biography Christian fictionDewey: 270.092; 920 Dewey: 808.83Use For: ChristianityBiography; Scope Note: Use for individual works,ChristiansBiography; collections, or materials aboutEcclesiastical biography fiction that promotes ChristianBroader Term(s): Biography teachings or exemplifies a ChristianReligious biography way of life.Narrower Term(s):Fathers of the church Broader Term(s): FictionReligious fictionChristian civilizationDewey: 270; 909 Christian fundamentalismUse For: Civilization, Christian Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyBroader Term(s): Christianity Dewey: 230; 270.8Civilization Scope Note: Use for materials on the modernconservative movement inChristian denominations Protestantism emphasizing literalUse: Christian sects interpretation of the Bible, asChristian devotional calendars opposed to religious liberalism,Use: Devotional calendars modernism, or evolutionism.Use For: Fundamentalism;Christian doctrinal theology Modernist-fundamentalistUse: ChristianityDoctrines controversyBroader Term(s): ChristianityDoctrines200'