b'Christianity and other religionsChristianity ChristianityGovernmentGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Use: Church polityDewey: 230 ChristianityHistorySee Also: names of Christian churches andsects, e.g. Catholic Church; Use: Church historyHuguenots; etc.; and Christianity ChristianityOriginand other subjects, e.g. Christianity Use: Church history30-600, Earlyand economics [to be added as churchneeded]Broader Term(s): Religions ChristianityPhilosophyNarrower Term(s):AtonementChristianity Use: Christian philosophyCatholic Church ChristianityPolitical aspectsChristian civilization Use: Christianity and politicsChristian missionsChristian sects ChristianityPolityChristianity and economics Use: Church polityChristianity and scienceCouncils and synods ChristianityPsychologyCounter-Reformation Dewey: 230.01; 253.5Eastern churches Broader Term(s): Psychology of religionPentecostalism ChristianityRelationsJudaismProtestantism Dewey: 261.2; 296.3Reformation Scope Note: Use for materials on the relationsWomen in Christianity between Christianity and Judaism.Related Term(s): Christians When assigning this heading,Church provide an additional subject entryChristianityApologetic works under JudaismRelations Dewey: 239 Christianity.Scope Note: Use for materials defending Use For: Christian-Jewish relations;Christianity. Materials attacking Christianity and other religions Christianity are entered under Judaism; Jewish-Christian relationsChristianityControversial Broader Term(s): Christianity and other religionsliterature. JudaismBroader Term(s): Apologetics ChristianityUnion between churchesChristianityBiography Use: Christian unionUse: Christian biography Christianity and economicsChristianityControversial literature Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 239 Dewey: 261.8Scope Note: Use for materials attacking Use For: Economics and ChristianityChristianity. Materials defending Broader Term(s): ChristianityChristianity are entered under EconomicsChristianityApologetic works. Related Term(s): Christian sociologyChurch and laborChristianityDoctrinesDewey: 230 Christianity and evolutionUse For: Christian doctrinal theology; Use: CreationismChristian doctrine Christianity and other religionsBroader Term(s): Doctrinal theology Dewey: 261.2Narrower Term(s):Christian fundamentalism Scope Note: Use for materials on the relationsCreationism between Christianity and severalGodChristianity other religions. Materials on theLiberation theology relations between Christianity andModernism (Theology) one other religion are entered underRegeneration (Christianity) Christianity subdivided byTrinity Relations further subdivided by the203'