b'Churches, UndenominationalChurch renewal Rural churchesGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Sunday schoolsDewey: 262.001 Related Term(s): Church and social problemsBroader Term(s): Church Pastoral theologyChurch schools Church work with the sickGeographic Note: May subdivide geographically Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 371.07 Dewey: 259; 362.1023Scope Note: Use for materials on church Broader Term(s): Church worksupported and controlled elementary Sickand secondary schools. Materials onthe relation of the church to Church work with youtheducation and on the history of the Geographic Note: May subdivide geographicallypart that the church has taken in Dewey: 259secular education are entered under Broader Term(s): Church workChurch and education. Materials Youthon the instruction of religion inschools and private life are entered Church yearunder Religious education, and of Dewey: 263Christian religion under Christian Scope Note: Use for materials on the seasons ofeducation. observance and Christian festivalsUse For: Denominational schools; Nonpublic with their cycles, as making up theschools; Parochial schools Christian or church year. Works onBroader Term(s): Private schools the origins of Christian festivals andSchools fasts are entered under Christianholidays.Church schoolsCanada Use For: Christian year; Ecclesiastical year;Dewey: 371.07 Liturgical yearScope Note: Use for materials on church See Also: festival seasons and seasons of thesupported and controlled elementary church year, e.g. Lent [to be addedand secondary schools in Canada. as needed]Related Term(s): Separate schoolsCanada Broader Term(s): CalendarsChurch service books Religious holidaysUse: Liturgies WorshipNarrower Term(s):AdventChurch settlements Christian holidaysUse: Social settlements Holy WeekLentChurch sociablesUse: Church entertainments ChurchesUse: Church buildingsChurch work Religious institutionsGeographic Note: May subdivide geographicallyDewey: 200; 253 ChurchesCanadaSee Also: church work with particular groups Use: Church buildingsCanadaof persons, e.g. Church work with Churches, Communitythe sick [to be added as needed] Use: Community churchesBroader Term(s): ChurchNarrower Term(s):Christian missions Churches, CountryChurch and race relations Use: Rural churchesChurch entertainmentsChurch work with the sick Churches, Non-institutionalChurch work with youth Use: Non-institutional churchesEvangelistic work Churches, RuralInterdenominational cooperation Use: Rural churchesLay ministryMinistry Churches, UndenominationalPastoral psychology Use: Community churches209'